Bitxoxo launches Pre paid bitcoin gift cards

Bitxoxo is the first company in the world to introduce bitcoin Pre-paid Gift card. With this launch, the platform has managed to transform the simple act of gifting, a hi-tech approach.

Bitxoxo’s Bitcoin Pre-paid Gift Card is yet another ground-breaking addition to its several first-in-the-industry features in its services. Bitxoxo has secured the status of being the fastest bitcoin exchange company in India. It is the only bitcoin exchange company that allows payments & withdrawals through IMPS, which ensures that customers receive payments in their account instantly, irrespective of banking hours and holidays.

With this offering, Bitxoxo has also strengthened its position as the most innovative and futuristic platform in the industry.  

Commenting on the launch, Spokesperson, Bitxoxo said, “With Bitxoxo, customers can find the most secure bitcoin trading platform with the best rates in market. It is driven by the motivation of making bitcoin accessible to everyone and introduce users to a secure, fast & real time trading platform. As an experienced, self-driven, and highly passionate team, customer satisfaction is our primary motive. Hence, we charge no fees for any of our services. All our services comes with 0% Fees, allowing customers to purchase, sell, or even gift bitcoins without any hassle.”

Apart from bitcoin trading, Bitxoxo is also involved in conducting seminars & workshops on Bitcoin in colleges, universities, and companies throughout the country, in an effort to enhance knowledge and generate awareness around its usage.