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Dy. National Security Adviser favours PPP model in cyber security

Deputy National Security Adviser Arvind Gupta stressed upon the public-private partnership (PPP) model including government and private oranisations to generate awareness among people in India about cyber attacks at an ASSOCHAM conference held in New Delhi today.
While inaugurating the ASSOCHAM 6th annual summit on “Cyber & Network Security” here, said Dr Arvind Gupta said, “Internet has many stakeholders and the government is involved in terms of making laws and the private sectors are involved in creating technologies like hardware, software and so on and this can’t be seen in an isolated manner…. that’s why PPP model is important”
Replying to a question from a reporter on threats from china, Mr. Gupta said, “we have hardened our systems and we also have to have a proper insurance framework”. He said, “It’s not specific to one country or other but we have to be prepared to meet threats from everywhere…”