Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dell emphasizes the need for students to unlock their creative capabilities

Dell, India, launched its new TVC conceptualized to encourage PC usage in learning, for students in their academic years. The TVC will be airing across leading kid’s entertainment and movie channels, as well as Hindi and regional news and general entertainment channels.

With the theme Ek Behtar Kal Ka Aarambh, Dell is building upon its pan India PC for Education initiative Dell Aarambh launched in 2016 to spearhead the use of the personal computer in education. Dell will also be launching mobile video outreach to complement the reach of this campaign to its audience. Launched in Dell’s Back to School season, when students embark upon the next leg of their journey of learning, the campaign reaches out to parents in India’s emerging towns to showcase how PC technology can expand their horizons, and can transforms their child’s overall growth.

Conceptualized and executed by GREY group, the TVC follows the journey of a bright young girl who sets out to solve a real life problem - that of having to travel a long distance all the way around a lake to go to school, each day. As the story progresses, we see the young girl partnering her personal computer to support her understanding of the Archimedes Principle to arrive at a practical solution to take her across the lake, saving both time and effort.

Ritu Gupta, Director, Marketing - Consumer & Small Business, Dell, India said, “Dell Aarambh was created with the understanding that exposure to interactive methods of learning in the developmental years through the use of a personal computer, contributes to the well-rounded growth of a student. The use of the PC as a foundation device, learning becomes more holistic and enables a child to practically apply this knowledge, sparking creativity and innovation. This, in essence, is the implication of ‘Ek Behtar Kal Ka Aarambh.’ Our objective has been to equip young minds with technological capability such that they are prepared to build their future in a world that is becoming increasingly digital.”

Vishal Ahluwalia, VP and business head, GREY Bangalore said, “GREY together with DELL has been at the forefront of change in how education is received and perceived as part of growth for children. Our challenge started in 2015 when we created our communication against rote learning with ‘Ratta Raag’ and has now come full circle with the current communication which expands on the benefit of experiential learning and how it expands children’s mind in creating solutions not just for their everyday problems but enhancing their knowledge which help with new discoveries and application. This is their first step towards a brighter future. The TVC has been shot in a real environment with a real life predicament bereft of any gloss. It tells the story simply and yet effectively. We are positive that this would appeal to parents and children alike and bring about the required change in acceptance of a PC being essential for education.”

Dell Aarambh has been engaging with three key audiences - students, teachers and parents - in a series of activities meant to build their confidence and familiarity with using the PC. Dell believes that awareness and adoption will find its place every household, when parents, children and educational institutes collectively look at computer education beyond its functional approach, and expand their outlook with regard to the capability of a PC to be a companion in everyday life - both personally and through the education journey. Dell Aarambh has been running on-ground and online programs since its inception in June 2016, and has covered a base of 3,305 schools and 59,349 teachers who have received PC training.

In 2017, the program is reaching out to mothers with Dell DigiMoms, a PC awareness and training program which has been kick-started with a pilot in 8 towns in Karnataka and Maharashtra. The program aims to reach out to 16,000 households, and will be implemented by the 32 on-ground Dell digital correspondents to engage with mothers, showing them how to understand and best utilize the PC in aiding the holistic growth of their children.