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Many Organizations Falsely Equate IT Security Spending With Maturity

Organizations spend an average of 5.6 percent of the overall IT budget on IT security and risk management, according to the most recent IT Key Metrics Data from Gartner, Inc. However, IT security spending ranges from approximately 1 percent to 13 percent of the IT budget and is potentially a misleading indicator of program success, analysts said.

CIOs deliberate on definitive security bulwark

With the rise in complexity due to more and more connected devices and definitive influence of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility and Social Media on the business outcome of the organizations, the role of the CIOs are becoming very different. They have become more business outcome influencers than only decision makers of technology implementations. So there was a requirement of concerted effort to bring together the CIOs under one roof to exchange learning and best practices with their peer group apart from discoursing about the threat landscape and evaluation of futuristic technology. Keeping this in perspective, Cyberoam, a leading global provider of network security solutions, organized an Elite Circle CIOs’ forum known as “Inner Circle” to deliberate on security challenges and mitigation, industry best practices and more at the plush Ambay Valley in Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Data Scientists to be hot career in 2014

The IT industry has always moved on and brought interesting careers over the years. The latest is about data scientist. The world is grappling with the huge flow of data and is a lot of data tools, analytics to streamline and manage it. There is equal emphasis on big data in many organizations in India and globally. Many research agencies such as Gartner, EnY and others have predicted that big data would be a ruling tech trend in the years to come since the growth in data is huge. Hence the demand would put a lot of pressure on enterprises to hire data scientists.