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Cellebrite launches its UFED mobile forensics range in India

Cellebrite has launched the UFED 4PC and UFED TK in India. With this, Cellebritenow offers software-based versions of its forensics solutions, which were previously only available with hardware.  Together with the UFED Touch, the new products constitute the first and only complete series of mobile forensic solutions suited for the broadest range of lab and field use cases, across both dedicated single purpose and general purpose PC-based hardware platforms. 

Top trends that will shape Mobile Forensics in 2014

Cellebrite, a provider of mobile forensic and mobile data transfer solutions, has released a list of top trends in mobile forensics that will shape the next 12 months.

If the claims by the company are to be believed that the predictions have been made based on the inputs gotten from a number of experts within law enforcement, and industry analysts, familiar with mobile forensics and the most advanced mobile forensic products available today. Collected together, the following trends are said to the most critical for investigative and legal professionals to prepare for the year ahead: