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Mobile Analytics Apps for the Retail Industry

Manthan Systems announced successful implementations of ARC Mobile, a retail analytics solution that provides retailers access to critical operations, merchandising, marketing and financial insights from any location. This mobile application is deployed at several US-based retail chains in the fashion, grocery and convenience store segments. With ARC Mobile, retailers get the insights they need on-demand, including real-time answers to all performance-based inquiries, at their fingertips.
ARC Mobile provides the full breadth of ARC Merchandise Analytics on a tablet device, from interactive data visualizations and exception alerts through collaborative markups and annotations. Role-based, customizable dashboards and analytical views are available on any tablet device, whether iOS or Android-based, in both online and offline modes, allowing users to access business insights anytime and anywhere. Away from his or her desk, an ARC Mobile user can identify, in real-time, key areas requiri…