Siemon introduces Base 8 Plug and Play System in Indian Market

Siemon announced an expansion to its existing line of Lighthouse Advanced Fiber Cabling Solutions. It is the introduction of a comprehensive Base 8 Plug and Play System consisting of fiber enclosures, modules, adapters, assemblies and jumpers for the Indian Market.

Currently, multimode fiber applications i.e. 40 Gb/s (40GBASE-SR4) and 100 Gb/s (100GBASE-SR4) are deployed for backbone switch-to-switch links in the data center. These are based on 8 optical fibers with 4 fibers transmitting and 4 receiving at either 10 Gb/s or 25 Gb/s. When using 12-fiber MPO/MTP solutions for these 8-fiber applications, 33 percent of the optical fiber goes unused. While conversion cords or modules can be used to enable 100% fiber utilization, these solutions add additional cost and complexity. Furthermore, conversion modules add increased insertion loss, which can significantly limit flexibility when deploying fiber links.

 Siemon’s new Base 8 Plug and Play System enables 100% fiber utilization and eliminates the need for conversion cords or modules, while providing a complete end-to-end Base 8 fiber system for the most efficient support of current and future 8-fiber applications. The system includes Siemon’s High Density FCP3 Fiber Enclosure along with snap-in Base 8 modules. The modules feature three 8-fiber MTPs to 24 LCs to support 10 Gb/s applications and MTP adapter plates are available to support day-one 40 Gb/s or 100 Gb/s applications. The system also includes Base 8 MTP to MTP trunk assemblies and jumpers for backbone and equipment connections.

Upon introducing Lighthouse Advanced Fiber Cabling Solutions, Mr. Prem Rodrigues, Director for Middle East, India & SAARC Region, Siemon said, “Current and future fiber applications all dominated by fiber counts that are divisible by 2 or 8 fibers, including 200 and 400 Gb/s over multimode and singlemode. These are currently in development and the use of a Base 8 Plug and Play systems offers the simplest, most efficient migration to advanced fiber speeds in the data center.” He further added, “Customers can deploy Base 8 modules and LC duplex jumpers for 10 Gb/s today and easily replace them with adapters and MTP jumpers tomorrow. This provides a seamless transition to 40 or 100 Gb/s and beyond while maintaining maximum fiber utilization.”

Available in OM3/OM4 multimode in both standard and low loss, and in singlemode, Siemon’s new Base 8 Plug and Play system features smaller diameter RazorCore® fiber. This significantly reduces the cable diameter of assemblies and provides a 2mm diameter MTP jumper. The system also includes Base 8 MTP to LC hybrid assemblies as an alternative to modules for support of 10 Gb/s. Available Base 8 MTP to LC BladePatch® assemblies for 4X10 aggregation applications feature the innovative push-pull latch activation of the LC BladePatch plug for easy access in tight fitting areas.