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XOLO brags World’s Fastest 7-inch Android Tablet -XOLO Play Tegra Note

XOLO has launched its new NVIDIA Tegra 4-powered XOLO Play Tegra Note, which it claims to be the world’s fastest 7-inch Android tablet, in India for only Rs 17,999.
As the brand’s latest offering under its ‘Play’ range of products, XOLO Play Tegra Note is said to be a high-performance, feature-rich tablet that boasts industrial design and ships with an exceptionally responsive, unique chisel tip stylus featuring NVIDIA DirectStylus technology. The device runs Android Jelly Bean and is is powered by a Tegra 4 processor with a 72-core GeForce GPU and quad-core CPU with a fifth battery-saver core. The launch will certainly set the tablet war on a high note. However it would not be easy for the company to seek buyers in the presence of tablets from Samsung and others that come with competitive pricing.