Sunday, 31 July 2016

CIOs Need to Rethink Branch IT to Better Navigate a Modern Business

By: Elie Dib, Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa at Riverbed

From an IT perspective branch offices, remote sites, retail locations and manufacturing sites are no less difficult to manage than corporate headquarters, despite having fewer employees and a much smaller physical footprint. In addition to this, these sites are the revenue-generating front lines when it comes to business today. Although cloud computing and SaaS-based applications offer an enormous amount of ubiquity, this will not eliminate the need to keep certain critical business systems and information in remote locations.

Robust Security Platform = Policy Management + Authentication + Authorization + Accounting

By: Ahmed Rezk, Channel Systems Engineering Manager, Middle-East and Turkey at Aruba, a HPE Company

Navigating the landscape of enterprise security can be daunting - the threats typically fly under the radar, and the broad array of malware, hacks and data theft shows real innovation. Worse, the level of malicious sophistication is also on the upswing. In tandem, corporate users enjoy communicating, computing and transacting business on a variety of wired and wireless networks - using multiple devices. And the threat vectors continue to grow, exponentially.

How Organizations get Public Cloud Security Wrong

By: Gordon Haff, Cloud Strategist at Red Hat 

If, just a few years ago, you were to ask a CIO about their advice for securing a public cloud, the odds aren’t bad that their response would have been “Just don’t use one.” Today, you’re far more likely to get a nuanced response, the result of increased practical experience with both security and broader governance issues in public clouds.

Preparing Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

By Anshuman Singh, Director, Product Management of Application Security, Barracuda Networks

Cities drive the economic growth of every nation. With only 31% of India's population currently urbanized and constituting 63% of India's GDP (up from 45% in 1990), urban sections of the society have clearly been the key engine of growth acceleration in the past decade. And with the initiatives of the current Indian government such as Digital India, these sections are now becoming highly advanced in terms of overall infrastructure, sustainable real estate and communications. The urban regions in India are hence being expected to contribute 70-75% of its GDP by 2020, Barclays said in a report.

Surviving the Century of Data Growth

By: Gregg Petersen, Regional Director, Middle East and SAARC, Veeam Software

Dramatic business digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and everyday digital activities are driving immense data growth worldwide. Research shows that by 2020, the world will generate 44,000 Exabytes (EB) of data in one year alone — 37 times more the 1,200 EB generated in 2010.

The Hidden Cost Strangling the Bottom Line at Retail Banks in the Middle East

By: Emma Isichei, Worldwide Category Director, Capture Solutions at Kodak Alaris

Retail banks in the Middle East have done a commendable job of automating their customer-facing systems in recent years. Foremost examples are large ATM networks or a newly launched smart device app. However, there are hidden lingering problems that automation hasn’t fully addressed: a handful of manual, paper-based systems in the back office.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Adaptive Trust - A New Defense for Secure Enterprise Mobility

BYOD, cloud and the Internet of Things are changing enterprise defense plans to guard against points of attack inside the network perimeter. These new ways of connecting to secure resources have changed the way traditional threat radars work - protecting threats from the outside.

By Michael Netterberg, Solution Architect, Networking at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

An HR director, a salesperson visiting with your engineering team, and a network administrator walk into office at 9am. Each is carrying a coffee in one hand, a smart phone in their pocket and a laptop over the shoulder. Within minutes of entering the building, they all log in to the Wi-Fi network and blend into the mobile workforce.

Getting the Most out of Your Data Centre Firewall to Ensure Enterprise Security

By: Kasey Cross, Security Evangelist and Sr. Product Marketing Manager at A10 Networks

Firewalls are an integral part of multi-layered defences for businesses. Today’s Next-Gen firewalls secure the enterprise network and allow organizations to combat emerging cyber threats. Some of the latest data centre firewall products have capabilities including blocking volumetric and application-layer DDoS attacks, advanced server load balancing, data acceleration and SSL offload, multi-tenancy, flexible data filtering and so on. However to get the most out of firewalls, enterprises need to pay attention to the areas outlined below:

Friday, 1 July 2016

NEC establishes Open Source Software Technology Centre in India

NEC Corporation and NEC Technologies India Private Limited (NTI) announced the establishment of the “OSS Technology Centre,” an organization specializing in technical support related to the use of open source software (OSS).

ASUS opens store in Kolkota for gaming products

The City of Joy now has a new reason to rejoice! ASUS announced the opening of India’s first-ever exclusive ‘Republic of Gamers’ (ROG) store in Kolkata. With an area of ​​about 50 square meters, the gamers can visit the store from every Monday to Sunday between 10.00 to 21.00pm to experience the latest devices, game titles and accessories. The store is equipped with a ‘Battle Ground’ where a total of 6 gamers can compete against each other and experience LAN gaming at its best. The store is also furnished with a product demo zone and experience centre where the users can test the new hardware.

ThingsMeet Solutions launches its second healthcare App, “Prescribez Doc” for Doctors

Marking the occasion of World Doctor’s Day on 1st July, ThingsMeet Solutions, the tech start-up from Pune launches its second product, “Prescribez Doc” for Doctors.