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Palo Alto Networks addresses Shellshock vulnerability?

Last week on September 24, the details of a vulnerability in the widely used Bourne Again Shell (Bash) were disclosed by multiple Linux vendors. The vulnerability, assigned CVE-2014-6271 by Mitre, was originally discovered by Stephane Chazelas, a Unix and Linux network and telecom administrator and IT manager at UK robotics company SeeByte, Ltd.
While this vulnerability didn’t come with quite the fanfare or a catchy name like Heartbleed, the security community quickly dubbed it “Shellshock.” Bash is present in most Linux and Unix distributions as well as Apple’s Mac OS X, and there’s a good chance anyone reading this has a system they need to patch.

'Bash' puts Unix systems at risk

While hackers are always on the look out for security flaws in systems, nother security flaw has surfaced, for which the global cyber experts are issuing warnings. The new bug called 'Bash' is being seen as a serious threat to computers or systems which are Unix-based. Since Linux and Mac OS X are both Unix-based, they are at a potential risk, warn cyber experts.