TalentSprint Announces Its Women Engineers Program Supported By Google

TalentSprint announced its Women Engineers Program (WE), supported by Google, to nurture 600 women software engineers from India over the coming three years. As a part of this initiative, young and talented college students from varied socioeconomic backgrounds will be identified via a detailed selection process and groomed through a rigorous multi-step training program, supported by 100% scholarships and annual stipends of Rs. 1 lakh each.
TalentSprint WE, supported by Google, is aimed at addressing the gender imbalance in technology by grooming promising talent among women engineering students to advance and contribute to the field. Prioritising inclusion, the program is designed to support talented women engineers from under-privileged and disadvantaged backgrounds.
Despite the fact that women famously played a pioneering role in the early decades of programming and technology, the participation of women engineers in the technology sector globally still only stands at 26%, as per …

Pure Storage empowers MDC BMS, to Drive Innovation and Focus on Business Growth

Pure Storage has announced that MDC Business Management Services (MDC BMS)―a shared services company that provides support for IT, finance, procurement, facility management and HR for th+e larger Mubadala Group—has recently selected Pure Storage’s modern technology to cover production, non-production, disaster recovery and remote-site operations.

With Pure Storage serving as the foundation of its data center infrastructure, MDC BMS can focus IT resources on business-oriented tasks―rather than storage management—and has improved performance of business-critical applications, giving their clients real-time access to the data they need to make investment decisions that will ultimately shape the future of the business.

MDC BMS runs 16 apps on 1,500 virtual servers―each is mission-critical and performance-intensive but the legacy spinning disk-based storage solution inhibited MDC BMS from delivering optimal performance to Mubadala and non-Mubadala clients. The transition to Pure’s 100% NV…

Kan Ltd Selects Vissensa for Cloud Computing

Kan Ltd approached Vissensa when their trusted onsite physical server, hosted in their Hampshire office, reached the limits of its ability to reliably support the demands of the business. The challenge was to migrate an important legacy application from the older technology to a modern operating environment without disrupting the company’s external website ordering systems that was linked to the application.
As part of the migration, Kan wanted to improve their business continuity by ensuring that the critical business information contained on these systems was backed up and could be recovered quickly when necessary.
Physical to Virtual Migration
Vissensa initially reviewed the platform and advised that the one server Kan operated was a single point of failure and should be migrated to a virtual platform where resilience can be guaranteed.

Vissensa performed a physical to virtual migration of the server and took over the management of it, relieving the Kan staff from the pressures of…

Taking a More Human Approach to AI

By: Chris Pope, VP Innovation, ServiceNow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about machines, obviously. Except it’s not. In truth, discussions surrounding AI may often centre around how competent, intuitive and contextually aware the machine brains we are building have become.

But really, AI is all about us―the humans—and how it can make our lives better.

There was a time, perhaps even inside the current decade, when AI tools and functions were still associated with the fanciful ‘talking computers’ that featured in many 1980s movies. It wasn’t that long ago that we considered AI as something of a ‘toy’ and its application in mission-critical enterprise applications was still somewhat laughable. Of course, now we take talking computers completely seriously. So much so that we’re equally focused on the proficiency of computer speech recognition.

Application of AI 
But as far as we have come, we still need to look at the real world use cases of AI and ask how it can help us make our live…

Gulbahar Taurani to lead Philips Personal Health India

Royal Philips, a health technology company, has elevated Gulbahar Taurani, a veteran in the consumer durables industry, to succeed A.D.A Ratnam as President, Philips Personal Health in India.

Gulbahar, 44, brings a wealth of experience in electronics, domestic appliances and telecom. In his 15 years with Philips, Gulbahar has successfully led large teams across functions and businesses. In his most recent role as Marketing Director, Personal Health India, he was instrumental in driving deeper consumer connect, increasing brand awareness , innovation and operational excellence for all businesses in Personal Health.

“I am delighted to see Gulbahar taking on the role of Business Head for Personal Health in India, building on the strong legacy left by Ratnam. We have always believed in being close to our consumers and meeting their requirements through a steadfast focus on world class innovation and quality. I am confident that Gulbahar will continue with this tradition and leverage his …

Bringing greater transparency and context for news content on YouTube in India

By Tim Katz, Director, Head of News Partnerships, YouTube

In the last few years, news has become an integral part of YouTube’s experience for millions of Indians online. With improved connectivity and low cost of data, watch-time of India’s authoritative news sources has more than tripled over the past two years. We have been hard at work to ensure that we are responsibly growing news and supporting news publishers on YouTube.

Towards this goal, we have taken a number of important steps and introduced three principles to guide the news experience on YouTube.

Make authoritative sources readily available
We know authoritativeness is essential to our viewers, so we’ve been investing in new product features to prominently surface authoritative sources across the platform. Our Top News shelf prominently highlights videos from authoritative news sources in search results.  And when a breaking news event happens, we want users to know about it. That’s why our Breaking News shelf highlights vid…

Paytm Money Launches Web Version to Offer a Better & Richer Investment Experience

Paytm Money announced the launch of its a web & mobile web version of its investment  platform to assist users with the discovery & research of mutual funds while simplifying investments.

Paytm Money serves over 1 Million Users every month on its web platform and this new service is aimed towards catering to the needs of investment research and discovery of Mutual Funds users. Users shall continue to invest via the Android & iOS apps of Paytm Money for now and the company aims to introduce the ability to invest through web platform soon.

Paytm Money is known for providing the most comprehensive data about Mutual Funds to its users, which includes details of all schemes, latest NAVs, fund manager profiles, riskometers, benchmarks, portfolio holdings, sector exposure, scheme exit loads, ratings and more such information to help users take an informed investment decision. With the recent launch, the company has extended all this information for the convenience of its users o…