Empirical Data Launches RedShift Solution for Transparent CSR Operations

Empirical Data, a new breed blockchain solution provider, today announced the launch and introduction of RedShift, a first of its kind blockchain solution for corporate CSR. This game changing solution provides a robust platform for corporates to ensure smooth CSR project execution. RedShift brings a simple, efficient and affordable enterprise solution that helps corporates to focus and execute humanitarian and social projects.
"A well-executed CSR project is the best way to give back to the society. We are excited to introduce RedShift which will help create greater transparency and visibility in daily corporate CSR transactions. With RedShift we aim to change the way businesses interact with various stakeholders in the CSR activities," said Karthik Ramarao, Founder & CTO at Empirical Data.
Empirical Data is incorporated as the Indian subsidiary of trANa Technologies, headquartered in Singapore, providing groundbreaking enterprise solutions on its blockchain - Fusion Co…

STMicro Makes IoT Sensing Accessible with IoT Plug and Play, Ready to Connect to Microsoft Azure

STMicroelectronics is launching to help everyone from young people to expert designers discover the power of IoT and quickly understand how they can easily collect and send sensor information to the cloud.

The flexible IoT Plug and Play module connects easily with Bluetooth® Low Energy to a smartphone, allowing users to watch the sensors function as a pedometer, asset tracker, environmental monitor, or as other instruments. For more experienced designers, provides developer and expert modes that help build sophisticated applications using a graphical wizard or by writing custom embedded code.

Attracted by its ease of use and relevance to all users across its full range of customers from consumers and beginners to IoT professionals, will be showcased as a new demonstration platform for Azure IoT Central, which simplifies connecting smart devices to the cloud for data capture and analysis.

Andrea Onetti, General Manager of ST’s MEMS Sensor Di…

Panasonic launches first of its kind EV charging service for India

Panasonic, a diversified technology company, announced the launch of first of its kind smart EV charging service in India - Nymbus. A futuristic charging service combines physical components such as charging stations, swap stations, on board charges, telematics systems and the virtual components like cloud service, analytics, intuitive dashboard, and artificial intelligence to deliver onestop solution. Nymbus, is a unique technology platform by Panasonic India’s concentrated R&D efforts, designed and developed to cater to the growing mobility market in India.

As part of the first phase, Panasonic has partnered with electric mobility service providers’ SmartE and qQuick, wherein Panasonic will be deploying the EV charging service on 150 SmartE electric three wheelers and on 25 qQuick 2 wheelers in the Delhi NCR region.
The solution is poised to help individual EV users, EV fleet owners, e commerce & logistics companies to manage their fleet more efficiently and also the utilit…

Microsoft Tuesday Patch for 80 CVEs released

This month's Patch Tuesday release contains updates for nearly 80 CVEs including a patch for a critical remote code execution in Remote Desktop Services (RDP) as well as an elevation of privilege vulnerability in Windows Error Reporting that has been exploited in the wild.

CVE-2019-0708 is a critical Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution vulnerability. An unauthenticated attacker targeting vulnerable systems with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enabled could exploit this flaw to gain remote code execution. It is highly likely that this vulnerability will be exploited in the wild in the near future as attackers develop exploit code. It is critically important for organizations and system administrators to apply patches as soon as possible to reduce their risk of compromise. While the advisory lists Windows 7,Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 as affected, Microsoft is also releasing updates for out-of-support systems including Windows XP and Windows 2003.


The Closing Speed of Transformation

By: Dave Russell, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy at Veeam

We all know that software and infrastructure don't typically go away in the data center. You very rarely decommission something and bring in all new gear or stop the application to completely transition over to something else. Everyone's in some sort of hybrid state. Some think that they're transitioning, and many hopefully even have a plan for this.

Some of these changes are bigger, take longer, and you almost need to try them and experience them to have success in order to proceed. I've heard people say, "Well, we're going to get around to doing X, Y, and Z.” But they are often lacking a sense of urgency to experiment early.

A major contributor to this type of procrastination is that changes that appear to be far off, arrive suddenly. The closing speed of transformation is the issue. Seldom do you have the luxury of time; but early on you are seldom compelled to decide. You don’t sense the urgenc…

IoT can Help Shift High Street Retail into the Digital Future in the Middle East

By: Jamil Ahmad, Country Manager – KSA at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Retail sales in the Middle East is booming. Customers are getting smarter about their shopping choices and their expectations of the retail experience are accelerating quickly. Non-store retailing, which includes online shopping, direct selling, mobile internet, social media and home shopping, is expected to increase at a rapid pace, meaning high streets are taking the hit, and it’s going to take something special to get shoppers back into stores.

Technology can certainly help in enticing customers into stores and plugging the growth gaps retailers are suffering. One technology that is touted to disrupt retail is the Internet of Things (IoT), which, if it is used in the right way, can build a competitive differentiation. According to Aruba research, early adopters of IoT are already reaping benefits that include improved customer experience (81%); improved visibility across organizations (78%); and in…

Safeguarding Your Organization from Attacks Via Your Third-Party Vendors

By: Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, BeyondTrust

Realizing that most large organizations today have sophisticated security defenses, bad actors are beginning to target third-party vendors, as a means to gain access to an enterprises’ network. In fact, in 2018, over 11 significant breaches were caused by exploitation of third-party vendors and according to Carbon Black’s 2019 Global Incident Response Threat Report, 50% of today’s attacks leverage what they call, “island hopping”, where attackers are not only after an enterprises’ network, but all those along the supply chain as well1.

IT admins, insiders, and third-party vendors need privileged access to perform their roles, but this shouldn’t mean ceding control of the IT environment to them. Organizations typically allow vendors to access their networks to perform a variety of different functions. However, this privileged access should be secured to the same (or higher) extent as the orga…