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A Powerful New Mobile Health Tracker

Revolutionizing the healthcare market, Azoi Inc, a US based technology company, launched Wello - an innovative health monitoring device embedded within a mobile case, globally today. With just a few powerful sensors, Wello fits onto a smartphone and measures a number of key vitals including heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), blood oxygenation, lung functions and more - with a high level of accuracy. Fast and easy-to-use, Wello empowers people to track key data, improve their awareness of the body’s state, and make more informed lifestyle choices.
Wello is claimed to be the first ever device to allow you to measure and record your vitals from wherever you are. It conveniently slides onto a smartphone disguised as a case so you always have it with you. You simply hold it for a few moments while hidden sensors take measurements and pass on gathered information to the Wello™ app. Not only do you get instantaneous results and key data about your health, bu…