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A look at Apple's Biggest Flops

While Apple Inc stands tall in the tech world today with its epoch-making products such as iPod, iPhone, iMac and iPad, etc., it has a shady past which records some of the failed products it tried to deliver. Believe me, Tim Cook is not responsible for these failures. It all happened when the famous Steve Jobs, now dead, was alive and handling the reins of the company. 

iPad Air: Apple launches thinner and lighter tablet at $499

Introducing a next generation of iPad, Apple rolled out the iPad Air, which is a 9.7 inch screen tablet. The new iPad boasts of a Retina display with a smaller bezel. Apple claimed that the new iPad is thinner, lighter and more powerful than any of the predecessors. The new iPad Air is 43 percent thinner than the version it replaces, weighs just one pound (450 grams), and does faster processing.

Foxconn to help Apple directly ship products in China

Foxconn, a manufacturer of Apple iPhone, iPads, computer components and systems, is expected to provide services in the future to help Apple sell products in China and will ship Apple products directly from its plants to the domestic market.
Foxconn and Apple also have reached an agreement with China's customs authorities and already started directly shipping a small amount of products to the China market in September 2013. Since China has already become a major market in the IT industry, Apple has been aggressively trying to expand its presence in the country. But Apple needs support, and it is expected to rely on Foxconn to help it provide logistic and after-sale maintenance services in China.