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Disrupt, Collapse, and Transform

Social change is fast taking place in developing economies, as the business and technology are fusing together and becoming part of the lifestyle. Trends that are creating widespread disruption, collapsing industries, and transforming spaces are giving context to opportunities for growth.

GIL India: 2013 paved the way for an interface with delegates on 'Disrupt, Collapse, and Transform - Are You Ready?' As disruptive technologies replace current trends the presentation drew the delegates' focus to what they could do to cope with the rapidly changing business environment - from newer business models to integrating 'Smart' with everyday objects. With the virtual world becoming increasingly commonplace, the world around us is collapsing fast causing the rigid boundaries between industries to fade rapidly. Innovations in technology and materials are responsible for transforming the manner in which the human race interacts with the external environment, associated enab…