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Mobile Devices Remain Vulnerable to Attacks

Of the world’s 7 billion people, 6 billion rely on mobile phones or tablets to bank, shop, post to social media, and monitor their health. With all the personal and professional information being shared, it’s important that data from mobile devices be secure. Yet that’s rarely the case.
Securing such information is no small feat. Unlike applications designed for laptop and desktop computers—often created by just a handful of companies—there are now more than 1 million apps for smartphones and tablets designed by nearly the same number of developers. Many of them are novice designers with little concern for protecting the security and privacy of the data their apps collect and store. Moreover, when downloaded, many of the apps have access to other information in the mobile device, making them potential outlets for data leakage and theft.

Bank Customers Attacked in Latest Phishing Email, says eScan

Numerous Maybank customers might recently have fallen into the trap of phishing emails. The emails were sent with an intention to steal the username and passwords of the customers. The phishing site was modulated in such a way that at every step an email containing the customer's data was transmitted to the attacker via email. The email invited users to click on Maybank phishing websites. Once the customer filled the phishing form and clicked on the submit button, post entering the username and password, the details were immediately sent to the attacker.