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Is 2015 the Year of a Data Dystopia?

By: Brian Mitchell
“Two thousand fifteen! You mean we're in the future?” - Marty McFly
Having recently watched the Oscars a couple of months ago, there is something about this time of year that makes watching a good film particularly satisfying. But even amidst so many great new releases, there is nothing like sitting down and watching a true classic with the family. Back to the Future Part II, starring a fresh faced Michael J. Fox, and Christopher Lloyd as the eminent Doc Brown, has to be up there amongst the best. Not least because it offers a refreshingly positive take on the future, without the dystopic themes and imagery of other futuristic classics such as Robocop, Terminator, or Mad Max.  That’s not to say that dystopia is without merit, it is a major motif in both literature and film, indeed, what self-respecting sci-fi fan doesn’t love a good alien-controlled, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic storyline? But sometimes it’s good to get away from doom and gloom!

CommVault Enables Network of 200+ Service Providers Globally

CommVault announced that the Simpana 10 software platform has become the data protection platform of choice for more than 200 certified service providers, which provide cloud solutions to millions of client systems worldwide and protect hundreds of petabytes of data. 
The company also unveiled a three-pronged cloud business strategy that builds on its leadership in software innovation and, through strategic relationships with service provider partners, delivers solutions to simplify and secure the transition of these services providers and their customers to cloud computing. To achieve this, CommVault utilizes its single software platform to power the most efficient cloud infrastructures, is expanding market reach through a broad cloud ecosystem and further investing in its cloud solutions group. This vision is underpinned by CommVault’s early investments in cloud technologies in anticipation of the paradigm shift now taking place in IT consumption and IaaS.