Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Xtraction Solutions Connector Now Available to Wavelink Customers

Wavelink announced its Mobile Enterprise Productivity Suite is now being supported by an Xtraction Solutions connector to deliver real-time reporting, dashboards and to its customers. This new data adapter provides company leaders with easy access to the data they need to make intelligent decisions for their businesses and provide greater visibility and understanding of the mobile computers carried by workers.

“In an industry where fine-tuning a process can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, our customers will benefit greatly from this new integration,” said Steve Bemis, vice president of Wavelink worldwide sales. “Our customers have massive device populations and they want the insight and ease of use Xtraction provides. We’re excited to be able to offer this capability. The customers who have already seen this connector have readily embraced it.”

The Xtraction connector for Wavelink offers a simple way to understand the device population across the enterprise. It tells them where their devices are, which operating systems are running on them and the time since the device last contacted the network. It also gives much-needed insight so businesses can see at a glance if they have a surplus or deficit of devices in any given location, helping them improve efficiency across the organisation. The solution also gives insight into asset lifecycles, so managers can readily see which assets are out of compliance, need updates or are in need of renewal, saving businesses time and maximising each asset’s impact.

Recently acquired by LANDESK, Xtraction provides a reporting and dashboard solution that allows IT organisations to connect multiple data sources into a single, easy-to-use solution. The Xtraction interface allows even non-technical users to quickly visualise the state of their IT environment and make informed decisions to improve processes, technology, projects, security and service levels across the business.

“The reports and dashboard visibility offered by Xtraction is of significant importance in the rugged mobile computing space where Wavelink focuses,” said David Krebs, executive vice president at VDC Research. “For many Wavelink customers, labour represents their single largest operational expense. Providing them with tools to maximise worker uptime performance, and even extend that visibility to systems and data sources to go beyond the task worker space and into other enterprise segments represents a significant value add.”

This new Xtraction connector for Wavelink, another subsidiary of LANDESK, is now available as part of a bundle, which includes both the server and the connector.