Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Sanovi launches Cloud Migration Manager

Sanovi announced the launch of Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager, a first of its kind migration platform for global enterprises and managed service providers to accelerate public cloud adoption.

Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager is an enterprise software platform that provides migration lifecycle automation at application level with emphasis on workload migration planning and design. It is built on Sanovi’s proven Application Defined Continuity platform that provides software driven business continuity and service availability.  In the first release, to be generally available by mid-February, workload migration is supported from on premise to AWS cloud.
System Integrators and Managed Service Providers are facing huge challenges in large scale workload migrations to clouds due to the technical complexities involved in discovery, planning and testing. Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager follows an agentless phase-by-phase application based approach.  Sanovi software automates the complete migration process in five lifecycle phases: discovery, plan, migrate, test and cutover. This provides total visibility, control and flexibility to customers in performing large scale migrations, without the need for additional tools. With its innovative migration planning and policy module, Sanovi migration manager helps in quickly identifying the optimal sized infrastructure on AWS cloud, based on policy knobs including cost and performance.
“Cloud migration market is growing rapidly world-wide.  It is expected that 2016 will be year of inflection point for large scale (thousands of servers) public cloud adoption by global enterprises.  With Sanovi Cloud Migration Manager, we expect the project deployment timelines will be cut down by 50%, with huge savings in deployment and operational costs due to automated and policy driven migration models.” said Chandra Pulamarasetti, Founder & CEO, Sanovi Technologies. “In addition, customers can seamlessly use Sanovi’s same application defined continuity platform for cloud DR, after migration”, he added.