Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ericsson joins AT&T; Smart Cities Alliance

Ericsson is joining AT&T and other technology leaders to build smart, sustainable cities using Internet of Things (IoT) innovations. The alliance will deploy information and communications technology (ICT) to improve citizens’ lives where they work and play.

The alliance will support AT&T’s new smart cities framework, which is aimed at helping cities better serve their citizens. The framework will be deployed in several U.S. cities with a focus on infrastructure, citizen engagement, transportation and public safety. The alliance members and local universities will work together to build smart city environments called "spotlight cities."

Mike Zeto, General Manager of Smart Cities, AT&T IoT Solutions, says: “Ericsson is a global leader with the proven software platforms and technology needed to develop smart cities, making them an ideal fit in this effort. Together we can help cities enhance the lives of their citizens by saving them money, conserving energy, improving quality of life and further engaging with residents.”

Orvar Hurtig, Head of Industry & Society at Ericsson, says: “Our collaboration with AT&T will help create the cities of the future in which citizens are safer, healthier and better prepared to handle the challenges of daily life. Today anything and everything that can benefit from a connection is being connected. We must determine how to integrate disparate infrastructure for the common benefit of society.”

Today, the companies also announced field trials for Connected Water solutions in Atlanta. The trials will enable the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, an organization dedicated to protecting water in the Chattahoochee River Basin, to remotely monitor the quality of the city’s water, which is the source of drinking water for more than four million people.

Overall, Ericsson is helping to establish smart, sustainable cities in three ways:

·         Our core technologies - Ericsson is the leader when it comes to connecting the 100 largest cities in the world with 4G/LTE and enabling intelligent infrastructure connectivity (e.g. buildings, light poles and signage).

·         Our industry solutions - The three largest areas of investment in cities today are safety, transportation and utilities/energy, which make up 65 percent of “smart” spend. Ericsson supports these sectors with a full range of turn-key ICT solutions and services.  

·         Our research and sustainability experience - Ericsson applies its research and sustainability life cycle approach to understand what citizen, business and society value public transportation, inclusion in city planning and smart sustainable city services bring - and is developing the solutions for tomorrow, such as buses that optimize according to passenger demand, and in support of fossil-free communities.