Friday, 8 January 2016

STMicro and Quantenna Unveil Highly Compact 4K Wi-Fi Client Reference Design

STMicroelectronics and Quantenna Communications announced the availability of a referencedesign enablingpremium 4K video quality over home Wi-Fi networks, demonstrated in a highly compact,fan-less box. The reference design offers superior indoor coverage,better portability, and multi-room usage. 

“Thisnew collaboration between ST and Quantenna is a natural step to address the 4K Ultra HDmarket after the announcement at IBC 2015 of the ST Cannes Wi-Fi (STiH390) SoC, the world’s first single-chipdevice for HD set-top-box wireless-client markets,” said Eric Benoit, Headed Product-Line Director, Consumer Product Division, STMicroelectronics. “The integration paves the way toa cost-effective and flexible 4K wireless solution for an impeccablemultimedia experience at home.”

The newreference-design box integrates ST’s performance-proven Cannes 4K ARM® quad-core SoC. Commercially available, it is already pre-integrated with leading middlewareandsupported by a large ecosystem that enables customers to rapidly build attractive solutions with short time to market.
The ST Cannes 4K SoCisoptimized for both cost and performance, and when combined with Quantenna QSR1000, it relies on a 4x4 MIMOarchitecture supportingDynaMMO (Dynamic multi-user MIMO) technology, dynamicdigital beamforming, and four spatial streams to deliver ultra-high performance, range, reliability, and coverage. Standards-based, the ST/Quantennareference-design operates with all third-party 802.11ac and 802.11n devices.

“Equally comfortable in set-top boxes, OTT platforms, and consumer electronics at home, the QSR1000 is perfectly suited to wireless multimedia applications that demand cable-like video-transmission quality,” said Harpreet Chohan, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Quantenna Communications.“With almost 2Gbps of total throughput, thisreference design streams robust carrier-grade IPTV to multiple devices in full 1080p or 4K Ultra HD resolution, designed to reach through concrete walls and into all corners of multi-story homes.”

ST and Quantennaare demonstratingthe new Cannes 4K Wi-Fireference design in their private suites in Las Vegas during the industry’s major technology showcase, January 6-9, 2016.