Monday, 18 January 2016

Microsoft Acquires Management, Reporting and Technology from Event Zero

In its endeavor to reinvent productivity and business processes, Microsoft has acquired technology assets underlying the UC Commander product suite from Event Zero, a leading provider of management software for Skype for Business Online. This acquisition will allow us to expand and improve the built-in management tools for Skype for Business and provide a complete, enterprise-grade communications solution with Office 365.

Microsoft aims to make the Skype for Business management tools as powerful and easy-to-use for IT professionals as Skype is for end users. With this, Microsoft will be able to add strong diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities with even more extensive reporting and for online audio, video conferencing, and media streams -- all within a unified management and admin system. Microsoft plans to extend the platform to complement partner solutions and integrate their monitoring, reporting and capabilities with Skype for Business Online management tools, thus enhancing their existing portfolio.

Microsoft is committed to bringing the leading enterprise communications management experience in Office 365 to the customers, and enabling IT professionals and our partners worldwide to deliver powerful, high-quality communications services to their users — wherever they are, rapidly and cost effectively.