Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cabsguru launches an online campaign for India's first cab booking platform.

Cabsguru, a search and comparison platform for all Indian taxi operators has unfolded an ambitious campaign for India's first cab booking bot targeted at niche, tech savvy consumers who are looking to book a cab without the hassle of juggling between Ola/Uber/Taxi For Sure/Meru/Easy Cabs apps.

 Timed with the new year, the campaign focuses with a dash of humor on the troubles that the Indian users have to go to even after a plethora of cab choices available to them.

 The video showcases Cabsguru's innovative Robocab feature which lets users pre-define their cab choices and then books a cab for them in a programmatic way while the users can go around doing more important tasks. The video is a part of a digital campaign by Cabsguru and is shown to viewers while watching online videos on youtube and other similar platforms. 

 "Robocab has been programmed to solve the most common pain point of today’s cab users - the pain of seeing No Cabs Available on their cab app screen during the peak morning and evening hours when users need cabs the most”, says Vikash Singh, co-founder of Cabsguru.

 Founded in 2014, Cabsguru has expanded to 75 cities and has emerged as the the only third party app that is providing users with the complete end to end ecosystem starting from a single search for multiple cab provider results, to the booking, tracking and rating of cabs from various cab aggregators directly from one app. Till now, Cabsguru has more than one hundred and twenty thousand organic users and handles more than a hundred thousand cab search, comparison and booking queries on a monthly basis.