Thursday, 21 January 2016

India is one of the fastest growing SMB markets worldwide on Twitter

India has a flourishing entrepreneurial culture with over 51 million registered SMBs according to a Zinnov market research report in January 2015. Today, these small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) benefit in multiple ways with an active presence on social media, including Twitter. In September 2015, Twitter opened up its self-service ad platform to India, and 200 other countries and territories around the world, to encourage the growth of SMBs. The purpose? To help SMBs achieve their business goals by using Twitter’s diverse targeting features to reach millions of Twitter users - that too on a budget of their choice.

Today over 100,000 advertisers worldwide use Twitter to interact with their target audience. Since the self-service ad platform launched in India four months ago, thousands of Indian SMBs have advertised on Twitter and the average monthly spend has grown 60% per SMB advertiser. This makes India one of the fastest-growing SMB markets for Twitter worldwide. Indian SMBs (across verticals such as e-commerce, travel, sports, and finance) use Twitter’s self-service ad platform to achieve five business goals:

Grow their follower base
Increase website clicks or conversions
Increase Tweet engagements
Increase app installs or engagements
Find leads on Twitter

Depending on the business goal, Twitter’s self-service ad platform helps business owners reach the right target audience, develop objective-based campaigns, create best-format ads, as well as use to improve their campaign.

Emily Huo, Head of SMB Sales, Asia-Pacific for Twitter, met with top SMB clients across India this week highlighting the success of their campaigns on Twitter’s self-service ad platform. Ms. Huo said: “The exponential rise of the Internet, mobile, social media, along with the changing face of Digital India, has made this country one of the leading startup hubs worldwide. India is one of Twitter’s fastest-growing SMB markets worldwide and, in just four months, is already our third largest SMB market in Asia Pacific, after Japan and Australia. We’re excited to work with the Indian SMB community to help them achieve their business goals and reach over 320 million Twitter users worldwide.”