Monday, 4 January 2016

passbrains' crowdsourcing platform extends into holistic digital business assurance

With their crowdsourced digital assurance solution, passbrains expands their services portfolio beyond classical ‘Crowdtesting for QA’ offerings into new areas throughout the product development lifecycle. "Enterprises require rigid and effective digital business assurance to ensure successful implementation of new digital products and services. Digital transformation should always go along with appropriate assurance programs.” says Dieter Speidel, CEO of PASS Group, home and owner of passbrains, the leading digital assurance platform.

Using their global community of currently more than 25’000 crowdsourced testers and their ability to rapidly assemble and engage customer communities for enterprises, the company offers holistic digital assurance supported by their proven crowdsourcing and crowdtesting delivery model.

“Our ability to select the right audience for customer experience campaigns enables enterprises to extend the use of passbrains into early research and product design phases such as ideation, market insights and benchmarking. Another new interesting application for passbrains’ digital assurance services is the thorough testing of shipment, service and support processes, a most prominent example being online shopping through websites or mobile apps.” says Johannes Widmann, managing director of passbrains’ delivery center in Hamburg. Enterprise customers such as eBay and Telefonica use passbrains’ crowd as ‘mystery shoppers’ to explore, evaluate and rate every single transaction and touch point throughout the ordering, payment, delivery processes, including return of goods, complaint management and customer support.

“passbrains delivered a perfect solution for our needs, acknowledging every requirement we had and delivering value by covering real life scenarios which we can’t achieve within our labs” said Niv Segev, Quality Engineer, Telefonica.

With passbrains’ new digital assurance services the company extends into rather traditional market segments, offering the advantage to use a curated community on-demand and to support every single campaign-activity with sophisticated online tools provided through the cloud-based passbrains platform.

“This makes it possible to ensure full coverage, traceability and to automate and campaign reports. The key advantage is that all data collected throughout the campaigns won’t be scattered around multiple online tools, desktop applications, social media applications etc., it always resides on the secure passbrains platform only” says Widmann.

For passbrains, crowdtesting still remains a major element in their service portfolio, while their ability to engage both public and private crowds for enterprises opens up a growing spectrum of new types of crowdsourced digital assurance activities. "We are excited to receive more and more new types of service enquiries from customers and to realise that they all can be greatly solved using our passbrains technology and methods" concludes Johannes Widmann. Other than providing managed digital assurance services, the company offers their platform as a SaaS and white label solution to enterprise customers and channel partners.