Monday, 4 January 2016

Autoncab increases the number of NCR Autos to support government odd and even rule

AUTOnCAB announces to increase the number of NCR autos in Noida especially in areas closer to city to support Delhi government odd and even rule. Starting tomorrow, in Delhi odd-numbered cars will be allowed on odd dates and even-numbered cars on even dates. Noida considered as the job hub after Gurgaon houses plethora of multi nationals companies and startups attracting 1000 of people who daily commute from Delhi. 

In order to provide them convenience the company has come out with initiative. Autoncab runs a total of 250 Autos in Noida out of which the company has 25% NCR autos. The company plans to increase this percentage in the coming weeks owing to odd and even rule. The company also plans to announce range of promotions deals and discounts to encourage more and more people to abide by the rule and offer convenience to customers.