Friday, 12 February 2016

Veritas Advances Retention and Risk Mitigation with New Innovations that Improve Information Governance

Veritas Technologies announced new innovations to Enterprise Vault 12 and Data Insight 5.1 including advanced classification, support for Box, and automated remediation workflows. Together they provide businesses with critical visibility into their unstructured data and empower informed decisions about what critical information to retain and what to delete for compliance, business value and discovery. This is more important than ever as the Veritas Data Genomics Index, also released today, reveals that 41% of data has not been modified in a typical corporation and is three or more years old.

“In today’s digital age, virtually every organization struggles with the challenges brought on by exponential data growth with the average business spending as much as $20.5 million annually on stale data,” said Greg Muscarella, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Veritas Information Intelligence. “To manage their data deluge, most seek to expand their existing infrastructure. However, a proactive information governance strategy can deliver significant bottom line results while reducing risk. Enterprise Vault™ 12 and Data Insight 5.1 deliver critical innovations that empower organizations to gain visibility into their data and make smart decisions.”

Enterprise Vault 12
Organizations increasingly must keep some information and delete other information to meet governance and regulatory requirements or for business intelligence. Enterprise Vault 12 introduces a centralized, high-performance, highly flexible classification framework that simplifies identifying meaningful or regulated information while deleting the non-essential. Using Veritas’ patent-pending technology or a compatible classification engine, Enterprise Vault 12 automatically classifies ingested content including emails, files, SharePoint, instant messaging, and social media. Additionally, as the leading archive vendor, Veritas provides customers that have petabytes of already archived information the ability to re-classify it in a manner that helps them better adjust their long-term information-retention.

Other new capabilities include:
·         Intelligent Review - streamlines supervision of archived content by prioritizing relevant items for review and culling non-relevant items utilizing a continuously learning engine.

·         Gated Deletion - improves compliance by ensuring archived information is deleted only if it meets current retention policies. Organizations can now perform a policy check before expiration or user deletion.

·         Image OCR (optical character recognition) - enables search and discovery of archived images by extracting embedded text from images for indexing and classification.

·         Enterprise Vault Search - simplifies and speeds access to archived information with a new enhanced, intuitive interface.

For over a decade, Veritas has been recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for both Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances1 and Enterprise Information Archiving2. Veritas Enterprise Vault is the market-share leader of on-premises enterprise-information archiving solutions.
Data Insight 5.1

Organizations need to manage their most sensitive data and have it accessible by authorized users when needed. This is increasingly important as information is now stored not just on premises but also potentially across multiple cloud locations. Data Insight 5.1 introduces new support for Box, delivering the broadest ability to identify sensitive information across the enterprise, from on-premises storage to the most popular cloud options.   It also offers enhanced remediation workflows to make access and permissions changes as automated and repeatable as possible, with easy access via a self-service portal. Veritas is able to uniquely deliver this capability at petabyte scales, by quickly scanning billions of file attributes and user activity.

“Veritas has a unique ability to deliver insights regarding enterprise data,” said Sean Pike, Program Director, Next-Generation Data Security and eDiscovery & Information Governance, IDC.  “They are hyper-focused on offering solutions that provide visibility into their customers’ information. That visibility allows Veritas customers to make better, more-informed decisions about what to protect and what to delete. Proactive information-focused decisions allow enterprises to mitigate the likelihood of an information crisis, and focus energy and resources on protecting mission-critical information assets. Delivering this intelligence is central to the end customer.”