Monday, 1 February 2016

BlackRidge Technology Partners with Alliance Technology, SentryWire, and Zentera Systems

BlackRidge Technology, Zentera Systems, Inc., SentryWire, and Alliance Technology Group jointly announced today a collaboration to deliver secure hybrid networking solutions for the next-generation cloud ecosystem. On February 9, 2016 at the Cloud Security Summit in Minneapolis, MN, the companies will describe how their products work in concert to address the critical security challenges of cloud computing for enterprises.

Today’s dynamic enterprise infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments further expose the underlying weaknesses in network security architectures that rely on network topology and addresses.

“The next generation architecture for cloud security needs to create and maintain security controls across network boundaries and provide compliance and forensic capabilities at hyperscale,” said Doug Johnson, Senior Director, Solution Engineering at BlackRidge Technology.  “BlackRidge applies identity-based security controls at multiple policy enforcement points supporting hybrid cloud and overlay network security architectures. This additional layer of network security provides the perfect complement to our Cloud Security Summit partners by stopping cyber-attacks and protecting against insider threats at the earliest possible time, before network sessions are established.”

Zentera Systems, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based emerging growth company, offers the Zentera CoIP™ (Cloud over IP) network security fabric for the cloud ecosystem. SentryWire is the next-generation platform for network packet capture that is based on a unique capture and storage architecture which breaks the performance, scalability and expense barriers of existing frameworks. Alliance Technology Group is a leading Systems Integrator and IT solutions company with a team of highly skilled practitioners, specializing in IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and Professional Services.

“Security challenges are now among the biggest impediments to deploying public and hybrid cloud architectures for enterprise workloads,” said Josh Williams, VP of Security at Alliance.  “We have brought our partners together for the Cloud Security Summit to share our joint expertise and help bring enterprise computing into the cloud.”