Tuesday, 9 February 2016

CA Technologies Welcomes EU and US Agreement on Data Transfers

CA Technologies welcomed the new agreement reached between European Union and the United States government for international data transfers, to replace the  Safe Harbor framework.

“We commend the European Commission and the US Government for reaching an agreement that provides certainty to businesses and consumers on both sides of the Atlantic.  We urge all stakeholders to move swiftly to finalize this agreement and safeguard other existing data transfer mechanisms such as BCRs,” said Michael Bisignano, CA Technologies General Counsel.

Without such an agreement, there would be roadblocks and confusion for Europe’s Application Economy and this comes at an important time as Europe is building its Digital Single Market to stimulate the Application Economy.  

Since the October 6 decision of the European Court, CA Technologies has been actively working with stakeholders to find alternative solutions. International data transfers with strong privacy safeguards are fundamental to European and US businesses in the ever evolving Application Economy. Finding stable solutions that protect users’ data while allowing data to flow is crucial.

“Trust in the security of personal data is a central element in the fast-growing Application Economy. So is the rapid transfer of data between countries and continents in order to deliver innovative services to consumers and for businesses to be competitive on a global scale,” added Bisignano.

“CA Technologies is committed to continuing to apply appropriate and effective data transfer mechanisms to support its customers and partners,” added Bisignano. “That CA Technologies has introduced Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) for data controllers, and is one of the few technology companies to do so, is a testament to our strong focus on protecting data. CA worked closely with the UK Data Protection Authority to achieve approval for this high standard for international data transfers.”