Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Colombia puts marketers in the driver’s seat

Times Internet announced the next generation of their smart marketing platform - Colombia. The company has been consistently revolutionizing online advertising technology and has now transformed the platform to give complete control to marketers in creating and reaching their audience digitally.

The new Colombia platform addresses the need for marketers to have a bigger say, in how and where they would like their content to go. What began as a journey in 2015, when TIL extended their advertising platforms to include native and content advertising reach over and above the display advertising format with the launch of the Colombia Marketing Network, today culminates in how the site has changed further.

While talking about Colombia, Chief Revenue Officer, Times Internet said Gulshan Verma, said, “At Times Internet we are always on the look out to empower our partners through technology and Colombia is a giant step in that direction. Our platform grants complete control to critical aspects of a campaign in the hands of the marketer. For the Indian marketer - this allows them to reach more than 150M users across all the major Indian languages.”

Vice President, Ad Tech, Times Internet, Swapnil Shrivastav, further adds “We have been working on reinventing our platform to one where the marketers can create and drive their campaign with absolute control. Our tools also help them monitor every rupee invested and what impact it has. You can see the ROI - a value for each cent that you spend with just the click of a button. I am confident this technology will revolutionize digital advertising.”

The new Colombia platform has been created keeping in mind the gaps in the industry and the needs of marketers. The new site allows marketers to connect at scale with digital consumers with complete ease and absolute control! 

From the moment a marketer registers/logs-in to www.colombiaonline.com, their experience of running a campaign changes in its entirety. This is evident by how the site addresses some of the essential requirements for marketers in today’s ever changing digital landscape.