Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Gaia Smart Cities and Advantech announce Alliance for India and SAARC Region

Gaia Smart Cities, an India start-up in the field of Smart Cities announced a regional strategic partnership with Advantech which is a global leader in providing trusted innovative embedded & automation products and solutions.

As a part of the alliance, Gaia Smart Cities will be the strategic partner of Advantech’s portfolio of product and solutions and focus on targeting the government vertical. The alliance would also involve setting up of a Centre of Excellence to showcase products and technologies from Advantech and live applications that Gaia deploys in the Indian market and has domain expertise. These solutions include Smart Buildings, Smart Transport and Fleet Management, Smart Power & Energy, Water Treatment, Agriculture, Environment, Industrial Automation, Smart Parking, Smart Retail and Smart Hospitals.

“This alliance would be a growth engine for both Gaia and Advantech. Gaia has been working in this segment for some time and has already acquired a deep insight of the market requirements and applications. Advantech with its wide array of proven products and solutions will find this relationship extremely rewarding given the way the Indian market is gearing up”, according to Dr Sumit Chowdhury, the Founder & CEO of Gaia Smart Cities who was a President of Reliance Jio before leaving to start Gaia.

On this alliance Mr. Chaney Ho, President of Advantech said, “We see India as the next big market in the global landscape and we find Gaia a suitable partner in this long and exciting journey. Advantech is committed to contemporary technologies and will participate in the ever changing needs of modern cities and its business.

Together, both companies aim at the emerging segment of Smart Cities and its technology requirements that would unfold in the coming months. This is at the back of the active participation from the 98 proposed smart cities announced by the central government. The alliance will bring in world class proven solutions and technologies to help cities achieve their goals.