Interview: "NETRACK offers one-stop solutions for intelligent data centers"

Ravi Raj
Brand Head, Director Sales
NETRACK Enclosures foresees itself as a single window solutions provider for all data, network and server related concerns. In order to know more about the company's plans for the datacenter market, quizzed Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director Sales & Support at NETRACK:

What is the shift you are witnessing in the data center market?
Technology deployed in data centers will see a drastic change in coming years. Today data centers have many more demands placed on them so they have to make optimum utilization of their infrastructure.

The industry is pushing for the adoption of green data center solutions. They are looking for cooler environments, reducing the noise levels of servers, power management, space utilization etc. The companies are building new data centers and upgrading the existing ones as they are experiencing rising demands for data storage. This will also require managing the cables routed all over the grounds. As years pass by, they will try to move towards an environment where they can have good cable management, cooling infrastructure, power management etc. Currently, all data center owners and managers are trying to develop intelligent data centers with the help of latest technologies for intelligent power management, cooling, security, locking, and asset management and they are targeting for deployment of DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management).

What is the business opportunity for NETRACK in the overall datacenter space?
The data center industry is poised for rapid growth and is keen on scaling up infrastructure. Large amount of data is being generated with the growth of industries and this will further propel the demand for data center products and solutions. This will provide us more business opportunities and we are sure to thrive in today’s dynamic data center environment.  NETRACK’s intelligent products with CAC/HAC have advanced capabilities to meet the growing market demands. Our thermal management product is important for data center as it saves cooling cost/ power cost, and is helping us grow and expand our business in India. 

Which are the markets that entice you for your solutions? Have you entered into new deals? 
One of the common issues faced by all data center is lack of regular power supply. Power planning is often based on existing operations, but as they expand the power infrastructure proves inadequate. This will obviously come in the way of expansion of data centers. Our thermal management solution can overcome the above issues and can ensure business continuity. We offer solutions with a focus on issues such as reducing energy consumption, manageability, scalability, efficiency and security in the datacenter. Data center and engineering labs have a huge demand for intelligent solutions. We have closed good orders on the same. 
What are the key trends and technologies that are driving the data centers and how companies can invest in data centers?
Data center technology is evolving more quickly than ever before as new trends are driving change in the industry. Organizations are making a shift towards CAC (Cold Aisle Containment) and intelligent power to consolidate their data centers. Currently, SMBs and banks are seriously looking at IHDC (In House Data Center) to have better manageability with lower costs. Companies can easily invest on IHDC as this ensures higher security levels along with self-cooling.

In what ways does NETRACK address the CIO pain points with regards to managing their data centers?
Modern data centers are currently facing a fundamental shift in security practices, managing power, energy and productivity. While deploying data centers, IT managers often neglect cable management which may result in thermal short circuits. Also they should ensure good quality of contained racks, CAC to avoid loss/ short circuit of cold air. NETRACK offers one-stop solutions for intelligent data centers. 

Which are the latest solutions that offer to your potential customers?
We recently came up with the iRack Series especially designed to help IT administrators. The iRack has been designed and configured as a self-cooled, self-powered and self- contained rack with minimal cold air losses and thermal short circuit to save energy. 

Customers also have to deal with increasing noise pollution level, which is among the top challenges faced by the IT industry. As we know, very high levels of noise can cause stress and stimulate unnecessary aggression at the workplace. We have incorporated Silentium’s noise reduction solutions within cabinets. These will not only reduce the noise levels but will also help minimize energy usage and extend the life and well-being of IT equipment. Silentium’s proprietary noise-cancelling technology is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noises when combined with NETRACK’s high quality acoustic materials and Rack Design. 

NETRACK offers its potential customers IHDC solutions with 3 or 4 racks, self-cooled and contained racks. 

How do you differentiate in the market from the competition?
We believe our company manufactures good quality products which are certified with ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditations for its high safety and environmental management standards. This assures customers and partners that we have committed to the highest standards in our manufacturing operations and production. Our motive is to deliver best of the services to clients within the specified time. 

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