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Times Internet announces the inauguration edition of Gadgets Now awards

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Going Beyond the Buzz in 2019-Understanding 'Digital'

By: Chris Pope, Global VP of Innovation, ServiceNow

There are college degrees in computer science and software engineering that feature various different programming languages and methodologies. Looking further, there are technical architecture courses and many extended forms of tuition designed to school us in every aspect of technology you can think of. Yet, despite all these channels of teaching and the many books that have been written to explore our world of technology, we appear to largely fail when it comes to formalising a wider approach to simply ‘teaching digital’.

Understanding digital, the subject, the discipline itself, is a prerequisite if firms are going to actually appreciate where new and emerging technology will have an impact on an organisation.

A responsibility to embrace digital
The consequences of not embracing digital and the process of moving fundamental work operations to new cloud-based, services-driven platforms leads to something of a vicious circle. Firms st…

Cloud in 2019—The Year of Choice not Compromise for UAE Enterprises

By: James Petter, VP EMEA, Pure Storage

It’s hard to believe we’re now 15 years into “cloud” ― it’s been great to see adoption levels increase in the UAE over the past year or so, in line with a marked shift and a real maturity in how organisations are thinking about their cloud strategies. In fact, according to IDC, spending on public cloud in the UAE is expected to almost quadruple, from approximately $119.6 in 2017 to $411.4 in 2022.

But as a consequence, today, regional enterprises may feel like they have to compromise in order to bridge the divide between on-premise and public cloud. It’s a divide that is now set against the backdrop of the increasing imperative for enterprise application mobility, driven by the likes of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics.

While each approach carries its own benefits, what organisations really need is flexibility and choice when it comes to infrastructure. This choice should be based on business objectives, not …

Why 2019 Will Be the Year Manufacturers Turn Challenges into Opportunities

By: Hesham El Komy, regional vice president, Middle East, Africa & India (MEAI), Epicor Software 
2018 has been a year of transformation all round. We have seen the world’s economy shift. We have seen uncertainty in the markets brought about by various tariff wars. Nevertheless, as our Growth Index has shown, we have seen businesses continue to find ways to grow. 
Given this changing landscape, the task of looking in to the future and pinpointing what lies ahead seems trickier this year than ever before. It certainly feels like 2019 will provide regional businesses—and manufacturers in particular—with some challenges. Crucially however, I also wholeheartedly believe that, if businesses put the right technology to work, these challenges can very quickly become opportunities.
To that end, here are five potential challenges or opportunities—depending on whether you have a mind-set for growth.
Finding the opportunity in macro-economic changes The last 12 months have been shaped by a se…

Using PAM for Cyber Forensics & Security Breach Remediation―Key to a Safer 2019

By: Morey Haber, CTO, BeyondTrust
No one wants to respond to a security incident or a breach, particularly at the start of a new year! Instead the highest priority should be to stop a cyberthreat before it compromises the organization. But in reality, preventing a cyberattack from landing is not always possible. The steps for incident or breach identification―from threat hunting to searching for explicit Indicators of Compromise (IoC)—are well established. While the processes will vary from organization to organization, malware, compromised accounts, lateral movement, etc. will all need to be addressed as a part of any formal clean-up plan.
If a breach is severe enough (for example, including the compromise of domain controllers), organizations may have no choice other than to reinstall the entire environment from scratch. While that is a worst-case scenario, it does happen. In many cases, businesses may choose to scrub servers as best as possible versus performing a complete reinstal…

Are brands ready for a retail renaissance?

The future of retail seems to be in a heady race, with technology leading all the way. By 2020, half of the world’s millennials would be living in Asia, who would all spend significant time shopping online.
Exponential leaps in technologies, the ubiquity of mobile devices, and the growth of cloud services have all made a sea of change to the way people shop. Consumers, today live in an ‘Easyverse’, an easy universe where they ‘expect’ businesses to know their needs accurately, and deliver personalized shopping experiences. Do retailers and brands have what it takes to meet the ever-changing expectations of the connected consumer?
Top trends identified in 2018:
The rise of the ‘Millennial Shopper’ Born between 1980 and 2000, the millennial is perhaps the most talked about generation in retail. They have grown up and matured with mobile technology and they expect to use it in every aspect of their life. They want to be able to make purchases, use social media, chat with friends, do onli…

Zoho signs an MoU with the National Skill Training Institute

Zoho announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Skill Training Institute, under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). Through this MoU, NSTI will offer a course in Zoho Creator, a low-code programming platform. Anyone with knowledge of basic programming concepts can enrol for the course titled Create and Operate Business Apps using Zoho Creator. It will be taught by Zoho Creator's training partner, ITK Education Services.

This 6-day long course will be split into two parts—36 hours will be dedicated to training the students on how to use Zoho Creator for building applications and 12 hours to soft skills training. To provide the NSTI students with a great learning experience, Zoho has also set up a Centre of Excellence, a classroom facility with modern infrastructure, at the institute's Guindy campus.

"Zoho is thrilled to partner with the National Skill Training Institute. We are providing students with a…