Key Trends Shaping the Future Workplaces

Organisations are vying to be more efficient and productive and hence are investing in technologies and tools that allow them to fast-track their working. Early adopters of new-age technologies are now beginning to show real traction and gains – particularly when it comes to the customer, and more specifically, human experience technology. Organizations are now understanding the need and applicability of the new emerging technologies which can help them deliver on their customers’ business objectives. Also, they need to improve agility, security and performance while focusing on enabling bright outcomes for the consumer – and both basic and niche technologies form the solution.

Here is a list of the new-age technologies that can help enterprises in boosting their efficiency –

Artificial Intelligence: Enterprises should implement AI (Artificial Intelligence) to unleash insights that are usually trapped in massive amounts of data. Machine learning capabilities combined with Artificial intelligence technology can enable the automation of key manual and time-consuming tasks, ensuring that employees can focus on higher-value work. This year, AI will be leveraged to extract new insights, revolutionize decision making and propel brighter business outcomes. Adoption of AI can help organisations cope with fraud detection, data security, marketing inline search, security screening etc. IBM Watson, Xicom Technologies, Prolitus and Technostacks Infotech Pvt Ltd are some companies offering solutions based on AI or machine learning.

Collaborative Technologies: Enterprises can facilitate action-oriented groups or teams that are working together, even across geographic distances, by adopting collaborative solutions as it makes remote meetings faster, hassle-free and truly impressive. Collaborative technology connects users to cameras, speakerphones, soundbars and other USB-peripherals in the meeting room for a better, more immersive meeting experience. Barco’s ClickShare Conference is a collaborative solution which can boost enterprise efficiency as it is based on the concept of BYOM – Bring your Own Meeting. It takes away all the friction points related to hosting video conferences from your own device. Further, the ClickShare Conference works seamlessly with all devices, Unified Communication technologies and AV peripheral brands. This feature, along with the enhanced safety it provides, ensures that the ClickShare Conference is a perfect fit for every workspace.

IoT Adoption: Adopting IoT will help companies create a robust ecosystem of connected devices, aiding them in offering new levels of customer experience. IoT facilitates machine-to-machine communication and ensures connectivity between various devices situated at remote locations. IoT also enhances the implementation of big data solutions to decipher voluminous data in a real-time manner. The technology will boost multiple enterprise functions like security manufacturing, distribution monitoring and process automation. Companies like IBM, HCL Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Wipro and Airtel can help enterprises install IoT solutions.

These emerging new-age technologies are changing the dynamics of every sector in India, especially the enterprise domain. An enterprise needs to be equipped with the latest technologies to provide best-possible consumer service. A structural change is required in technology ownership as the latest innovations enable corporates to face global challenges and to enter new markets. Technology plays a key role in the sustainability and survival of enterprises and helps them efficiently integrate with international markets and optimizes the production process.