Changing dynamics of the jobs market- Newer profiles that appeal to the Gen-Z professional: report by

The advent of AI and allied technologies has transformed the nature of jobs. While low-value job roles such as data entry clerks, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll clerks, administrative and executive secretaries, assembly and factory workers, etc. are becoming increasingly redundant, several new specialized job roles are emerging in the wake of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

According to a report by Gartner,  AI-led automation, to eliminate 1.8 million such job roles the world over by 2020. The same report also projected a rise of 2.3 million exciting, high-value job opportunities. This accounts for a net gain of 500,000 jobs across traditional as well as emerging industries including IT, education and training, e-commerce, retail, BFSI, etc.

“It would be an understatement to say that the AI-led technological revolution has transformed the jobs-landscape. Besides obsolete job roles being displaced by specialized ones, we are also witnessing something interesting taking place within this space,” said Zairus Master, CEO, “It is the rise of innovative job requirements and profiles in sync with the highly-evolved sensibilities of the new generation. With GenZ professionals increasingly entering the workforce, the year 2020 marks the beginning of the decade of exciting job roles, quirky designations, and differentiated work cultures.”

Emerging job profiles and roles

The top five careers in today’s technologically-advancing industrial landscape include artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, big data analytics, digital marketing, and DevOps. However, new age professionals are disrupting emerging job roles with new-age terms that are in line with their mindset.

Here are some of the quirky designations that are emerging in 2020:

·         Chief Growth Officer (Chief Marketing Officer)

·         Content Cruncher (Experts with advanced writing and communication skills)

·         Chief of Customer Success (Chief Operating Officer)

·         Customer Delight Officer (Head of customer relationship management)

·         Community Mobilizer

·         Creator of Opportunities (Business Development Specialists)

“The emergence of such new-age job roles are also changing the dynamics of modern-day offices. It is leading a shift in the work environment by encouraging and enforcing differentiated work cultures that are aligned with the highly-creative and evolved social, cultural, ethical, and professional sensibilities of the ultra-modern individuals. The new breed of people is not only keener when it comes to learning new skills but is also more likely to cope with the rapidly-transforming ecosystem with greater ease and passion,” he added.