Quick Heal Technologies receives Patent for its Signatureless Behaviour-based Detection Technology

Quick Heal Technologies Limited, a provider of Information Technology (IT) Security and Data Protection Solutions to Consumers, Businesses, and Government has secured a patent (US20170124327A1) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its Signatureless Behaviour-based Detection Technology. The patent empowers Quick Heal’s enterprise arm, ‘Seqrite’ with a unique malware detection technique to identify and block zero-day malware that uses code-injection techniques like process hollowing, code-cave attack among others.

As part of the patented technique, Quick Heal Technologies has developed a stable solution to dynamically detect and remediate malware using code-injection at run-time and at the targeted device – with precision and without hampering the user experience. This allows it to address the challenge of sourcing the raw data required for detecting zero-day attacks, since as such data cannot typically be gathered by traditional threat detection methodologies. The technology is already a part of Seqrite’s GoDeep.AI framework, an indigenously-developed AI-based threat hunting engine that proactively identifies and eliminates known and unknown threats in the global threat landscape.

The latest development marks another milestone in the company’s 25-year legacy of constant innovation. Earlier, in June 2019, Quick Heal had received a patent for its indigenously developed Anti-Ransomware Technology for a special technique to detect zero-day ransomware attacks. This technology is also a part of GoDeep.AI and is available to all ‘Seqrite’ products.

How Seqrite is using ‘Behaviour-based Detection Technology’ to strengthen enterprise security?

Growing interconnectivity within a highly dynamic IT infrastructure has increased the attack surface for cybercriminals, who are constantly looking to breach nodes such as endpoints, mobile devices, and networks to gain access to the sensitive and confidential business data. Zero-day malware attacks have emerged as a lucrative medium for them to do so.

Zero-day malware typically targets newer vulnerabilities that are yet to be identified or patched. Since their attack signatures and methodologies are unknown, protecting the enterprise network against them becomes extremely challenging. It is here that Seqrite’s innovative Behaviour Based Detection Technology steps into the picture to empower enterprises.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Cloud, its ‘Behaviour-based Detection Technology’ leverages signature-less detections to block zero-day malware attacks. Leveraging real-time threat intelligence to identify suspicious activity, Behaviour-based detection empowers Seqrite customers to detect and combat known and unknown threats through its signature-less anti-malware system. It is designed to detect and stop zero-day malware trying to compromise enterprise networks and individual users. Furthermore, since the technology is highly memory-efficient with minimum disc footprint, it ensures a more robust threat defense without significantly impacting resource utilization.

Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies Limited said, “The growing sophistication of the threat landscape means that the threat-risk in the cyberspace is more pronounced than ever before. Threats are evolving rapidly, even as cybercriminals leverage advanced techniques and methodologies to compromise the security profiles of individuals, enterprises, and governments. Behavior-based Detection Technology is the creation of our commitment, powered by over 25 years of experience of combatting increasingly sophisticated threats in the cybersecurity landscape. Our latest patent underlines how Quick Heal Technologies is building on its technological expertise to support today’s increasingly digital-first business landscape and protect enterprises against new-age threats.”

The patent further consolidates Quick Heal’s leadership position as an innovation-driven cybersecurity provider in the global threat landscape. In addition to a patent for its Anti-Ransomware Technology, its enterprise security arm, Seqrite, was also recognized as a top enterprise security product by the prestigious AV-Test Institute in Germany, winning the Best Performance 2018 award for its Endpoint Security Solution after undergoing intensive testing at regular intervals throughout the year.