Alexa Developer Rewards Program expands to India

The Alexa Developer Rewards program is now available to developers who publish highly engaging skills in India. Developers can earn money for eligible skills that garner some of the highest customer engagement in the India Alexa Skills Store.

Eligible skill categories include:

Education & Reference
Food & Drink
Games, Trivia & Accessories
Health & Fitness
Music & Audio

“Since we introduced Alexa in India last year, thousands of developers have published informative and engaging skills on the India store. In just over a year, the number of skills available for customers has doubled from 10,000 to more than 20,000,” said Dilip R.S., Country Manager for Alexa Skills, Amazon India. “We’re focused on enabling developers to create even more useful and engaging experiences for our customers, and we’re excited to see what experiences the developer community creates next.”

To date, the Alexa Developer Rewards program is available to developers building skills for the US, UK, Japan, and Germany. You can read about how the Alexa Developer Rewards program positively impacted Gal Shenar, David Markey, and Oscar Merry on the Alexa developer blog.

Alexa skills that provide engaging experiences to users have a higher rate of earning the reward every month. Developers can read these tips for improving their existing skills and best practices to promote their Alexa skills and reach more customers. If a skill qualifies for the reward, its developer will receive an email from the Alexa team. The email will cover the next steps for registration and payment account setup. Developers must make sure their country/region is correctly set to India in the profile section on the Amazon developer portal.

Alexa Developer Rewards builds upon the current Alexa developer incentive program, which offers Alexa skill developers rotating perks like devices and swag.