Network Intelligence signs partnership with Tripwire

Network Intelligence (NII) announced it has teamed up with Tripwire, a player in IT operations and cybersecurity, to provide protection for critical infrastructure by setting up a specialized Cybersecurity Operations Centre. This strategic partnership will enable Network Intelligence to monitor & protect customers operational technology (OT) networks using Tripwire’s world class solutions. 

Research indicates that cybersecurity incidents in industrial control environments originate from multiple vectors such as system vulnerabilities, network architecture loopholes, lack of network segmentation and unsecured hardware and software configuration. 

As a result of this partnership, Network Intelligence, will provide to companies in the Oil & Gas, Power, Manufacturing and other critical infrastructure space:
Ability to detect and profile critical assets
Determine vulnerabilities
Identify rogue devices 
Provide secure network access 
Control access to sensitive and confidential data 
Orchestrate information sharing and policy-based security workflows 

“Industrial security continues to be a top priority and asset visibility is the first line of defense to prevent intrusions into the network,” said Alex Bagwell, Global Channel Director of Tripwire. “By partnering with a strong MSSP player like Network Intelligence, we further expand our offerings in the Industrial Cybersecurity space to a larger market landscape. NII is already experienced in the ICS cybersecurity space and we strongly believe that this partnership will help open up more avenues for joint business”

“With the advent of Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation, previously air-gapped industrial networks are now connected to the cloud and the threats that come along with it”, said K K Mookhey, Founder & CEO of Network Intelligence, “Our partnership with Tripwire, enables us to offer specialized cybersecurity monitoring, detection and incident response capabilities clients’ ICS networks, which has been neglected so far. We are confident that we will be able to continue the same success as we are seeing in the IT Cybersecurity SOC services”