Need it now? Introducing Swiggy Stores

By: Sriharsha Majety

Over the last four years, we’ve often been asked- why the name “Swiggy”? Well, the story here is that we wanted something fun, vibrant and young. A name which could be remembered and recalled easily. Fortunately for us, we came across a word that encapsulated all that and a lot more.


‘As real and amazing as can be. Something that is swiggy is unbelievably legit and real and awesome’

Starting off in 2014, we envisioned a world where restaurant delivery would be amazing and awesome. A world where you didn't have merely a handful of restaurants that would deliver. A world without high minimum order amounts, and very importantly, where you didn't need to call the restaurant every 5 minutes asking the dreaded “ladka nikal gaya kya” question. We envisioned a world where we could democratize 35-minute deliveries to every restaurant in the country and introduce a convenient and delightful food ordering experience for every consumer.

Four years and hundreds of millions of orders later, we can confidently say we bring convenience to the doorstep of consumers across the country. Despite millions of Indians ordering food, we believe food delivery is still in its nascent stages. So, while we continued to build out more magical realities in the food ordering space, a lot of consumers, non-restaurant merchants and retailers were asking us when we would extend this superpower (convenience) to needs outside of food ordering.

With the largest active last mile fleet in the country and a paranoid focus on consumer-centricity, we began asking ourselves the same question. We realized we could bring the food delivery like magical reality and convenience to a lot of other local commerce needs. Just like how we democratized seamless delivery across over half a lakh restaurant in the country, we can democratize convenience across millions of other merchants/ businesses in our cities.

Today, we take yet another giant step towards bringing you closer to that magical reality of unparalleled convenience.

Moving beyond Food
The convenience of Swiggying food from your favourite restaurants has become ubiquitous. Yet, for some of our other daily needs, we spend countless hours navigating through traffic, in long queues at supermarkets or in drawing up exhaustive weekly ‘to-buy’ lists. We spend a considerable amount of energy looking for that one gourmet store or find young parents dropping everything to make a quick dash to the baby care store when they realize they are out of diapers.

What if you didn't have to venture out to your local kirana/mandi/supermarket every other evening?

What if you didn't have to halt or plan your life around ambiguous delivery slots?

What if every store in the city was accessible on your fingertips?

And, what if there was a more easy, efficient and convenient way of ordering from these stores?

Swiggy STORES extends the convenience of ordering food from nearby restaurants to ordering anything from ANY store across your city

Need it now? Try Swiggy Stores!
Think of Swiggy Stores as the superpower that connects you to every store, retailer or brand in the city. If you already know what you want and from what store, great! Just type out the list of items and Swiggy will bring that to you. If you don't, Swiggy Stores will also connect users to popular stores and list bestsellers for them to discover and be seamlessly delivered by Swiggy.

With Swiggy Stores, not only can you order anything from any store in your city but also discover popular stores around you

Once you choose a store and list items you want delivered, we will fulfil your order and facilitate payment. Be it a tube of toothpaste for yourself or food for your pet, there will be a Store for all your needs.