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Guarding Your Data - There's an ASUSTOR NAS for That

ASUSTOR Inc provides users with a comprehensive array of backup features through its NAS solutions. Data can be spread out across various devices, so ASUSTOR NAS products allow everyone to easily and flexibly centralise the backups of all their data. ASUSTOR NAS products also feature Rsync, providing easy backups, two-way data transfers, incremental backups, encrypted backups and also backup scheduling.

ASUSTOR NAS devices all come with various protections for your data, such as RAID. ADM's various protection and backup features allow everyone to backup data from a NAS to other devices or a public cloud service easily. ASUSTOR NAS devices also support two way sync options, such as backing up data to and from a Windows PC or server and specified designated devices. ASUSTOR Backup Plan supports both scheduled backups and synchronization. If original data is damaged, destroyed or lost, making ASUSTOR Backup Plan the correct way to conveniently restore data.

"Cloud backups are an…

Safaricom Partners with Huawei to Deploy the World's First End-to-End 400G Backbone Network

At MWC 2019, Kenya's leading telecom operator Safaricom announced that it would select Huawei's end-to-end 400G solution for its next-generation backbone network. This is the world's first commercial 400G project, advancing backbone network deployment towards the 400G era.

Safaricom is the leading service provider in Kenya with over 29.5 million subscribers, 22 million mobile money customers, 17.6 million data subs, 15,000 enterprise customers and over 220K FTTH homes passed. In 2018, its broadband users grew by 2.5-fold, and its mobile and fixed network traffic are estimated to increase by 6-fold and 5-fold, respectively, over the next three years. This will require modernization of the existing equipment to accommodate capacity requirements.

The 400G backbone will replace Safaricom’s existing 100G backbone increasing the capacity of network traffic carried between Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu. Through the solution, Safaricom seeks to meet growing data consumption from its…

Route Mobile Launches ‘Omnichannel Platform’, an Omnichannel Enterprise API Network (OCEAN)

In today’s highly technology-driven world, connecting with your customers via more than one platform is not only essential but also one of the major driving forces for today’s enterprises. Understanding this requirement, Route Mobile Limited, a cloud-communication platform service provider, has developed ‘Omnichannel Platform’, an offering for enterprise customers. ‘Omnichannel Platform’ is an all-in-one API network solution that offers multiple advantages to its customers. As a single platform, it allows enterprises from various domains such as banks, insurance, e-commerce portals, cab service providers, travel & tourism and airlines to communicate with end-users with the help of multiple channels minus the technical complexity associated with multi-channel messaging services.

As a single API solution, Omnichannel Platform incorporates all existing communication modes such as SMS, emails, voice & OTT channels, allowing enterprises to reach their customers on both traditional …

ALOGIC Launches premium I.T peripherals, consumer electronics and mobility products in India

ALOGIC, a manufacturer of  IT connectivity & mobility peripherals along with vast array of education solutions recently announced its entry in India with the launch of a wide range of its products. The company rolled out its complete connectivity and productivity solutions for home users, businesses and customers connected on-the-go in India. The company is currently present in the USA, Germany, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong respectively. 

Inspired by the evolving computing and mobility scenario in India and the significant technological expertise of the company with over 4500 products, it will offer products under four different categories.

Mobility Connectivity Computer Peripherals Education Wireless charging device Audio video cables USB 3.0 docking stations iPad charge and sync trolleys Smartwatch accessories Network power and USB cables USB-C docking stations Charging solutions for notebooks and tablets Power banks Audio video adapters Thunderbolt adapters USB desktop…

After Recent Scandals, APAC Banks Fear Region Is at Risk for Next Money Laundering Breach

Recent Asian money laundering scandals continue to shake up the financial world, and the ripple effect is still keenly felt across the region. Silicon Valley analytics firm FICO recently conducted a survey with regional banks and found that more than 90 percent of them fear they or their peers, may risk inadvertently facilitating the next money laundering scandal.

Most respondents (62%) said that a lack of resources was the biggest reason APAC banks remained exposed; 25 percent cited a lack of expertise while 13 percent indicated it was political constraints imposed by government.

“Asia’s reputation for financial probity may take a long time to recover fully and it seems that our region’s bankers agree that we are just at the start of a compliance technology and process overhaul that may take many years to complete,” said Dan McConaghy, President of FICO in Asia Pacific.

Respondents had a difference of opinion on the most effective way to increase money laundering compliance. While ar…

Tech Data Signs Distribution Agreement with Automation Anywhere in India

Tech Data announced that it has signed an India distribution agreement with Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Automation Anywhere pioneered RPA to enable organizations to automate business processes while freeing up existing employees to spend more time on strategic tasks. With this agreement, the two companies will now support mutual partners in delivering solutions that augment human workforce with a digital one to focus on higher business value, while improving customer engagement and innovation.
“Robotic Process Automation is the latest revolution in productivity enhancement and offers impressive savings in terms of time, effort and cost,” said Naresh Desai, vice president, Specialist Business, Asia Pacific, at Tech Data. “We are excited to partner with Automation Anywhere to help meet the growing demand for RPA solutions delivered to end-customers through our partner community in the Indian market.”
“Automation Anywhere is expanding its r…

Rain and Huawei Jointly Launch the First 5G Commercial Network in South Africa

At 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019), Rain, South Africa’s mobile data-only network operator, announced that it has launched the first 5G commercial network in South Africa in partnership with Huawei, the leading global ICT solutions provider. This move has made South Africa one of the first countries globally to launch 5G.

 With Huawei's end-to-end 5G solutions, rain has been able to build the 5G network using its 3.6GHz spectrum. In the first phase of roll out, rain has deployed a number of 5G sites in key areas in Johannesburg.  rain CEO, Willem Roos, says: " The network will provide fiber-like speeds without the installation complexities, time delays and cost of laying fiber in under-serviced areas.”

Huawei launched full range of 5G end-to-end product solutions, from core network, the bearer network, and base station to terminals in the beginning of 2018. The company also launched 5G phones at MWC 2019.

Apart from deploying new base stations, Huawei’s solutions enable…

WATCH YOUR HEALTH offers lifestyle management services to improve health and well-being of insurance policyholders

Watch Your Health, a new-age InsureTech innovator, has empowered health insurers to take a Gen-Next leap in customer engagement while providing holistic online and offline wellness services to health insurance policy holders. Watch Your Health has successfully developed customized ProActiv living portal and ProActiv mobile applications that help Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company’s policy holders to take assessment of their health; enroll in lifestyle management; and monitor progress. The policy holders who enrolled in the lifestyle management program receive counseling and guidance from health care professionals and rewards up to 10%-to-20% of premium.

Watch Your Health’s best-in-class mobility solutions provide health insurance policy holders with an app for lifestyle tracking along with professionally qualified Health Coaches who guide and mentor policy holders on various relevant topics such as Weight Management Programs, Sleep Monitoring, Water Intake Reminders and Quit Addiction…

OPPO likely to lead in 5G Era: CMR 4Ps Report

CMR, a technology market research and advisory firm, has released the “CMR 4Ps of Mobile Handset Industry Report 2019” focusing on the key technology trends that will shape the hyper-competitive mobile handset industry ecosystem in India. The report throws insight on the 5G-enabled future and how OPPO is likely to lead the emerging technology themes in smartphone industry.

According to Prabhu Ram, Head – Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR, “At the MWC 2019, many smartphone brands are showing-off their 5G-ready devices. The initial 5G-enabled devices are likely to be premium. Smartphone brands, including the likes of OPPO, are going to potential technology leaders in the 5G era.”

CMR’s research estimates, in the 4Ps Report, points to 5G smartphone shipments in India potentially surpassing 140 million by 2025, on the back of a slow and gradual uptake of 5G.

Will Yang, Brand Director, OPPO India commented that, “Today, 5G technology is poised to revolutionize the smartphone industry…

2019 Sony World Photography Awards celebrates Indian photographic talent

Supporting the local photographic communities in 62 countries across the globe, the World Photography Organisation and Sony announced the winners of the 2019 National Awards. Included in the list is Joydeep Mukherjee as recipient of the 2019 India National Award.
Part of the prestigious and internationally renowned Sony World Photography Awards, the National Awards program demonstrates Sony’s commitment to supporting local photographic talent by recognising the work of local photographers and promoting it on a global scale.
Joydeep Mukherjee’s image was selected as the single best image taken by any photographer of Indian nationality and living in India, entered to the Open competition of the Sony World Photography Awards.
Mukherjee is a photographer from Kolkata who took this incredible action shot of a young, street-performer.. Mukherjee explains that crowds of people swarmed around the boy to watch him pour flammable liquids into his mouth before setting it alight in a dramatic pe…

Grab Recognized as a Top Innovative Company in the World

Grab, an app in Southeast Asia with a global R&D centre in Bangalore, has been ranked as a top transportation company and second overall on Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” list for 2019. The list honors the businesses making the most profound impact on both industry and culture around the world. Grab in Bangalore currently employs almost 200 and has plans to double this workforce in the next 12-18 months. In giving Grab the No 2 rank, Fast Company described it as a “transactional super app” that brings together various lifestyle services that connect hundreds of millions of customers to local businesses in South East Asia.

Grab’s Bangalore based employees are an integral part of the company’s most innovative and exciting projects across the region and play a critical role in developing the company’s next generation technologies. “We are proud to be recognized as a top innovator by Fast Company. These are exciting times for Grab employees in Bangalore who are currently …

Waaree Energies aims at revenue of INR 400 crores from their rooftop solar segment

Waaree Energies looks towards the rooftop solar, and aims at adding close to INR 400 crore for the financial year ending 2020, exclusively through the segment. Rooftop solar will be one of the key focus segments for Waaree Energies as it plans to add 100 MW to its overall capacity in the financial year 2019 - 2020. With a significant investment in the segment, it is present through both CAPEX & OPEX models and has attained great credibility in a short span of five years.

Waaree Energies offers end to end solutions, as an EPC and panel manufacturer, while also extending its acclaimed Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services and providing robust energy storage solutions. With all services being in-house, and stringent quality checks, it ensures only superior quality products and solutions are on offer. Waaree Energies has become synonymous with efficient execution and quick turnaround, while allowing for pricing benefits.  This has led to the company becoming the preferred par…

Prevent Data Leaks Caused by Web Applications - eScan

Security Researcher Elliot Alderson has discovered a huge leak of Aadhaar numbers from Indane's website as well as app. The leak has not just put Aadhaar number of 6.7 million people at stake but also their personal details.

Data breaches like these do not necessarily translate into a complicated attack by hackers, they may be simple attacks attributed to configuration errors or unpatched systems or coding error. However, when the same issues are discovered by Security Researchers, who put in efforts to find a way into the system and following the processes laid down for responsible disclosure, then these are termed as bugs / vulnerabilities.

Organizations lately have been hiring researchers to find vulnerabilities in their networks / systems with the objective to ensure that their systems are protected and decrease the footprint of the attack surface that may otherwise allow easy access to the hackers.

Existence of vulnerabilities in Web Applications, pose a greater risk to the i…

Cloud and Mobile Deployments Are the Weakest Links in Enterprise Networks: Check Point

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd has published the third instalment of its 2019 Security Report.  It highlights how threat actors are increasingly targeting the weakest, least protected points in an organization’s IT infrastructure – their public cloud and mobile deployments.

The third instalment of the 2019 Security Report reveals the key cyber-attack trends used by criminals to target enterprise cloud and mobile estates during 2018. It also reveals enterprise IT and security teams’ key security concerns about these deployments. Highlights of the third instalment include:

·         18% of organizations globally had a cloud security incident in the past year:  the most common incident types were data leaks / breaches, account hijacks, and malware infections.

·         The top four public cloud security threats:  IT professionals rated misconfiguration of cloud platforms, leading to data loss or breaches as the biggest threat, cited by 62%; followed by unauthorized access to clou…

BT re-signs five-year contract with Resilient plc

Resilient plc announced that it has extended its smartnumbers reseller agreement with BT for a further five years. The multi-million pound contract will see BT continue to offer customers the BT smartnumbers suite of services aimed at solving their strategic business continuity and security challenges.

BT uses Resilient’s patented technology to power the smartnumbers cloud that delivers safer business communications to customers with demanding requirements, including organisations such as financial institutions, government and blue light services.

The contract renews a relationship between BT and Resilient that spans more than 20 years. It will help BT to continue to serve the needs of over a thousand customers who rely on smartnumbers to deliver their most critical services.

Commenting on the relationship, Andrew Small, vice president, unified communications and collaboration, customer relationship management and mobility at Global Services, BT, said:“ Today’s agreement builds on 20…

How Organizations Should Choose a Load Balancer for Managing and Securing Application Traffic in the Cloud

By: Kamal Anand, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Business Unit at A10 Networks 

Load balancing of application traffic has been around for a long time. But, as more organizations move to the private and public cloud, it’s undergoing significant changes. Let’s look at some of the important considerations of this evolving technology.

Three major requirements underlie IT operations and DevOps today: agile, efficiency and, multi-cloud operations.

Agile: The movement toward public cloud is arguably driven by an organization’s desire to deliver more functionality faster. Public clouds like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) allow organizations the capacity and capability necessary to drive that agility.Efficiency: Doing more with less puts a great amount of pressure on IT operations. With infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), management is divided into infrastructure management and application management. IaaS addresses availability, elasticity and efficiency of operations, …

Inspira Enterprise picks up significant stake in iRAM Technologies

Inspira Enterprise, a global IT Solution Provider is pleased to announce its partnership with iRAM Technologies, specialized in smart street lighting and parking solutions based on Internet of Things to develop convergent solutions for India's Smart Cities.

Apart from infusing fund in the company, the stake sale will give iRAM access to Inspira Enterprise’s sales force and established relation with government verticals in the Smart City space. iRAM will use this investment for new product development, feature enhancement in existing products, build on their R&D and hire new talent. Also, Vishal Jain, Director, Inspira Enterprise, will join the board of iRAM, bringing with him his insights and expertise in large strategic business deals.

Globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy has enhanced economic and social growth. The dramatic shift of the India’s rural population into urban areas is causing issues like overpopulation and strained infrastructure thus affectin…

Coding legends face-off in a tense 5-hour programming battle in India’s IT hub

Dozens of competitive programmers from all over the world descended on Bengaluru this past weekend for India’s biggest programming event: SnackDown 2019 - a global programming tournament organized by CodeChef. The fierce competition lasted five hours and invited contestants to try their hands at 10 complex algorithmic problems. Borys Minaiev from Ukraine and Gennady Korotkevich from Belarus came together to take home the coveted title of SnackDown Champions as well as a cash prize of $10,000.

The 1st runners up were Oleg Merkurev and Aleksei Daniliuk from Russia while the 2nd runner-up slot was claimed by Ji Ruyi and Yuhao Du from China. This victory did not come easily for Borys and Gennady (who now live in Russia). It was a tense battle right down to the finish with the winning team making a successful problem submission during the last 30 seconds of the contest. The final twenty seconds completely changed the fate of the contest. This was a second SnackDown win for Borys and Gennad…

NPCI strengthens its leadership ranks; Appoints Ms. Praveena Rai as COO and Mr. Arif Khan as CDO

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has announced the appointments of Ms. Praveena Rai as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Mr. Arif Khan as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) with effect from 20th February 2019 and 18th February 2019, respectively.

As COO, Ms. Praveena Rai will be in-charge of formulating & deploying the marketing, business development, product management and operations strategy in line with NPCI’s overall strategic objectives of simple, secure and seamless consumer experience to further the cause of rapid digitalisation of India. Ms. Rai will drive product penetration, reach and visibility of NPCI’s offerings through suitable partnerships.

With over 20 years of extensive experience, Ms. Rai has built expertise in various facets of payments, cards, retail, transaction, wholesale and commercial banking.

Prior to joining NPCI, she was leading the cash management portfolio at Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. Ms. Rai was managing payments for Asia at HSBC and was a…

NEC India organizes hackathon to find innovative logistics and transportation solutions using auto rickshaw

Talent knows no boundaries and this was evident in the NEC Hackathon organized by NEC Laboratories India, an R&D center under NEC Technologies India. Themed ‘Smart Logistics & Transportation’, the event attracted numerous young Indian talent with their creative ideas on using the auto-rickshaw to solve India’s social challenges in the field of transportation and logistics. Some of these challenges facing India include road congestion, lack of effective last mile delivery channels, inefficient and fragmented logistics operation, among others.
In the first round, a total of 1,563 teams registered for the hackathon by submitting their creative ideas and solutions and subsequently 30 teams were shortlisted for the final round of the competition held on 16 - 17 February in Bangalore.
Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Akihiko Iketani, Head- NEC Laboratories India, said, “It’s a great pleasure to see the awe-inspiring solutions coming from these talented participants. The NEC Hackathon…

People below age 20 or above 50 more susceptible to fake news: IAMAI Factly report

An extensive survey based study titled, ‘Countering Misinformation (Fake News) in India’ by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Factly has found that people below the age of 20 or those above the age of 50 are most susceptible to be swayed by fake news.
The report is based on an extensive survey covering 891 respondents, along with structured interviews of 30 interviewees from the Technology & Internet Service Providers, Government officials, Law Enforcement, Media & Influencers, Fact Checkers, Academia Political Parties.
The report suggests that while newspapers still remain the top source of information for most, those relatively new to use of technology/internet (or the late adopters) still do not grasp the concept of fake information over these platforms. A substantial section of people is not aware of fact checking organisations and the role of agencies to verify news.
According to the report, most people use social network platforms to connect with frie…

BEL signs Teaming Agreement with Hughes India for Helicopter Satcom Solutions

At Aero India 2019, Bengaluru, Navratna Defence PSU, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and Hughes India have entered into a Teaming Agreement for design, development, supply, installation, integration and commissioning of Satellite Communication solutions for helicopters under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

Anandi Ramalingam, Director (Marketing), BEL, and Mr Partho Banerjee, President, Hughes India, signed the MoU in the presence of Mr Nataraj Krishnappa, Director (Other Units), BEL, on February 20, 2019.

The Teaming Agreement will enable MoD’s strategic users to get enabled with helicopter-based Satellite Communication links for real-time and assured communications using ISRO's Ku band satellites. Through this agreement, BEL and Hughes India are collaborating using their respective
state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities in developing these integrated and sophisticated helicopter solutions.

BEL is a Navratna defence PSU with expertise in the design, developm…

Ericsson and Juniper Networks partnership gains momentum with joint transport solutions

Since announcing a deepened partnership in September 2018, Ericsson and Juniper Networks have secured more than 20 new customers worldwide. The two companies are today unveiling further enhancements to their joint 5G transport network and security solutions to meet increasing demand.

Service providers who are looking to deploy 5G-ready networks are turning to the combined Ericsson and Juniper portfolios to deliver the required transport infrastructure, operations and service delivery solutions they need that remove complexity and ensure ease-of-use.

Per Narvinger, Head of Product Area Networks, Ericsson, says: “The positive market response to our expanded partnership with Juniper is a testimony to the strength of our joint end-to-end transport solutions. We hope to sustain this momentum by further enhancing our leading, high-performance transport portfolio to ensure that next-generation networks continue to benefit our customers.”

Manoj Leelanivas, Chief Product Officer, Juniper Netw…

HDFC Bank collaborates with Route Mobile to showcase RCS Business Messaging at MWC 2019

HDFC Bank has partnered with Route Mobile to showcase Rich Communication Services on Google’s RCS Business Messaging platform at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. Route Mobile is among the leading cloud-communications platform service provider to enterprises, over-the-top (“OTT”) players and mobile network operators.

RCS is an upgrade to SMS on a global scale. Users can now access a range of advanced capabilities from within their native messaging service – capabilities which previously required a separate OTT app to be downloaded. Messaging is no longer limited to sending simple SMS text: it has become a platform. The features of this new platform enable businesses to deliver intuitive and interactive campaigns to their customers while maintaining the reach, reliability and ubiquity of the biggest messaging platform in the world – SMS.

Nitin Chugh, Country Head - Digital Banking, HDFC Bank said “The RCS messaging agent we are showcasing illustrates the constant endeavour by HDFC Bank…