Cognizant Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and Growth

Cognizant marks 25 years of innovation, growth and success as a trusted partner and guide to clients around the world as they’ve moved from the mainframe-era to building end-to-end digital businesses.  To commemorate this milestone anniversary, Cognizant executives and employees will take part in Nasdaq market opening bell ceremonies in New York City and Chennai, India.

Over its first 25 years, Cognizant has succeeded by successfully identifying emerging client needs, responding with new capabilities and scaling them into growth opportunities.  Sensing and responding to market needs enabled the company to grow from a 200-person information technology firm focused on software development and maintenance in 1994 to a Fortune 200 company and a digital leader employing more than 270,000 worldwide today. 

“When I look back on the last quarter century my greatest source of pride and satisfaction is the inherent importance of the work Cognizant does to help solve some of the world’s most complex challenges and the millions of lives we’ve changed for the better,” said Francisco D’Souza, Cognizant’s co-founder, Vice Chairman and CEO.  “I see our 25th anniversary marking the beginning of a step-change in our relevance to clients and in our impact on the world.  I predict we will be doing more—much more—to embed society’s challenges and needs into our priorities.  Fundamentally, we are a company of creative problem solvers with deep knowledge of how the world works. We’re constantly developing, improving, and renewing our knowledge, which makes us a force to be reckoned with.”

As a purpose-driven organization, Cognizant also realizes that diversity and inclusion throughout its organization is imperative. The company is focused on building diverse and inclusive teams in all markets it serves to enable higher levels of organizational self-awareness, performance and innovation.  Cognizant is also committed to being a community partner, and recognizes the important role corporate social responsibility plays in fueling growth. To support this, Cognizant sponsors employee volunteer and charitable initiatives in communities around the world. Cognizant has also created non-profit foundations in both India and the United States reflecting these values through funding of public-private partnerships and initiatives in areas ranging from education and reskilling of individuals for digital-era jobs, to improving healthcare.