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Amazon launches Amazon Pay UPI for Android customers

In its continuous effort make payments more secure and convenient, Amazon announces the launch of Amazon Pay UPI for Android users. Amazon Pay has partnered with Axis Bank to issue UPI IDs to its customers. Customers can now link their bank account on their Amazon mobile app and make fast, easy, and secure payments directly from bank account. Customers can use their Amazon Pay UPI ID to shop on, and also to make payments for their everyday needs including recharges and bill payments without entering bank account or debit card credentials, or going through a multi-layer process to pay from their bank account.

With this launch, Amazon Pay customers will get a seamless experience for digital payments using their Bank account to make payments without having to enter CVV or OTP, remembering net-banking customer ID, bank account number or other such details. Every customer transaction on Amazon is secured through mobile device verification as well as the UPI PIN. Customers can li…

PTron expands distribution channel in North India

PTron, one of India’s fastest growing mobile accessories brand, today announced strengthening of its distribution channel in the Northern India. The company appointed Mojo International as its first exclusive distributor in north India. It is one of the largest distributors of mobile accessories in the region. With this appointment, PTron has expanded its offline sales channels into the new geographies of Delhi-NCR and Punjab.

Designed by an in-house team of experts and R&D center, PTron products are made by the company in its own manufacturing facility. PTron is strategically working to become a mobile accessories’ brand that offers affordable products without compromising on its quality and reliability, serving the needs of consumers with continuous innovation while reaching every corner of the country.

The company’s products are available in around 1,000 retail outlets with a strong distribution network in 15 states of India which include Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Prade…

Network Intelligence signs partnership with Tripwire

Network Intelligence (NII) announced it has teamed up with Tripwire, a player in IT operations and cybersecurity, to provide protection for critical infrastructure by setting up a specialized Cybersecurity Operations Centre. This strategic partnership will enable Network Intelligence to monitor & protect customers operational technology (OT) networks using Tripwire’s world class solutions. 
Research indicates that cybersecurity incidents in industrial control environments originate from multiple vectors such as system vulnerabilities, network architecture loopholes, lack of network segmentation and unsecured hardware and software configuration. 
As a result of this partnership, Network Intelligence, will provide to companies in the Oil & Gas, Power, Manufacturing and other critical infrastructure space: Ability to detect and profile critical assets Determine vulnerabilities Identify rogue devices  Provide secure network access  Control access to sensitive and confidential data…

Quick Heal Technologies Limited reports 15% revenue growth during 9M FY19

Quick Heal Technologies Limited (“Quick Heal”), India’s leading provider of IT Security Software Products and Solutions to individuals, businesses and Government, reported its reviewed and un-audited results for the quarter and nine months ending 31st December 2018.

Segmental Performance for the nine month ended 31st December 2018

Ø  Retail segment revenue up 15% to Rs. 1,924 million as compared to Rs. 1,680 million in the corresponding period of the previous year

ü  Contributes 80% to Total Revenue

Ø  Enterprise and Government segment revenue up 7% to Rs. 490 million as compared to Rs. 456 million in the corresponding period previous year

ü  Contributes 20% to Total Revenue

Mr. Kailash Katkar, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Quick Heal Technologies Limited, said; “There has been a sustained momentum in the business with an overall revenue growth of 15% in our YTD operating performance. During the year, we made conscious efforts to offer highly customised endpoint se…

Tips towards a safer and more secure cyberspace

By: Pradipto Chakrabarty, Regional Director, CompTIA India 

The way India has moved towards the Digital world, it is facing not only the personal but also National Security challenges at every door. The increasing penetration of cyber-attacks and digital transactions has revolutionized the world; it has also spawned a series of cryptic threats -- the menaces of digital piracy, cyber-crime & stalking and online infidelity.

In today’s time, hackers have been penetrating the computer networks of companies that operate banks, Government, personal and other professional data. When now it has reached in the personal space as well, I would like to highlight the below points to have the safe internet experience:

1) Avoid secured work such as accessing banking applications or online shopping on unsecured network connections such as public Wi-Fi or third party wired network.For example, one should not use these applications on an airport or a hotel Wi-Fi.

2) Set strong password for your …

What does OPPO’s new F11 Pro have in store for Indian customers? A 48 MP dual rear camera!

OPPO, a leading global smartphone brand, has yet another surprise for Indian customers. It continues to push the envelope, working hard to bring its breakthroughs that claim to offer exceptional user experience. There is news doing rounds that OPPO will introduce its upcoming smartphone OPPO F11 Pro in India. Interestingly its camera is going to be one of the biggest surprise factor.

OPPO’s new F11 Pro will be coming with a 48 MP dual rear camera, reaching a level of overall performance that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding consumers. The new generation of a high-definition camera will provide the users with an impressive photo quality and viewing experience. It opens a window to limitless creativity - from shooting photos to getting clear images in low light with the help of its Super Night Mode feature. It will bring the flawless everyday usability which consumers expects in their smartphones.

The Super Night Mode of the OPPO F11 Pro functions with OPPO’s exclusi…

Palo Alto Networks Claims Next Gen Firewall and Integrated Cloud-Based DNS Security Service

Palo Alto Networks underscored the need for increased IT security by releasing several new capabilities that predict malicious attacks and use automation to stop them in progress. Beginning today, next-generation firewall customers who upgrade to PAN-OS® version 9.0 will get access to these new security capabilities, over 60 new features and new tools for easily implementing security best practices.

“At Palo Alto Networks, we’re focused on simplifying security by using analytics and automation,” said Lee Klarich, chief product officer. “Customers choose our next-generation firewall platform because of our commitment to continuous innovation and our focus on reducing the need for standalone products. Today’s announcements include our new DNS Security service, which uses machine learning to stop stealthy attacks aimed at stealing information from legitimate businesses.”

Among the new capabilities announced today, Palo Alto Networks unveiled software and hardware enhancements to the lead…

RateGain launches AirSight, an Advanced Historical Data Solutions for Airlines

RateGain Technologies unveiled AirSight, claimed to be the next generation solution for airlines. It allows them to gain complete access to comprehensive historical competitive intelligence. Historical data is essential for today’s airlines to easily identify demand trends and get insights that are vital for an effective go-to-market pricing strategy. Based on both real-time market trends and validated by historical market data, Airlines can now improve time to market and also take better decisions.

According to Apurva Chamaria, Chief Revenue Officer, RateGain, “Historical data serves as a key input for airlines, as it helps them draw valuable insights essential to make informed decisions and develop an effective revenue strategy for themselves. We work with world’s fastest growing airlines and they have shown keen interest in using historical data to drive more accuracy at every price point, and as airlines look at growing in new sectors, historical data on existing markets would hel…

How the rise of co-working space is influencing workplace designs

By Arnab Ghosh, Director, Synergy Property Development Services)
The concept of a shared office has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last few years and has literally revolutionised the way the world and Indians work. Co-working spaces, as they are better known, are helping people find flexible, productive workspace options.
Globally as well as in India, the growth of this concept can largely be attributed to a start-up ecosystem, whose preference for co-working space is due to multitude of reasons. It includes lower rentals, savings on operational costs and a more flexible work environment. At present, India has about 300 co-working spaces spread over 15 million sft. The demand will continue to rise across the country so much that about 13 million people are expected to work in coworking spaces by 2020.
It is interesting to note how the rise of co-working spaces is influencing normal office design today. Numerous surveys have established that millennials are set to form nearly h…

Project Management playing a vital role in building assets for tomorrow

By: Vineet Kumar, Lead Consultant BI & Analytics, 3i Infotech) Project management plays a vital role in proper planning and executing a project and to successfully accomplish a goal within a given time frame. In India, the project management jobs in project-oriented industries is expected to reach 21.7 million in 2027, according to Project Management Institute (PMI). We should create and monitor project methodology standards, provide advice and create an environment to support our project managers. As per a recent analysis by PMI, project managers contribute to a nation’s productivity, which supports GDP that in turn contributes to the standard of living. It is estimated that the GDP at risk due to the project management talent shortage is US $23.4 billion in India.
Our customers are spending significant services amount on consulting, implementation and system integration. Hence, going forward, our constant engagements would be on how to improve the customer service and satisfaction…

Prioritizing Security in a Multi-Cloud World

By: Scott Manson, Managing Director, Middle East & Turkey, McAfee

Cloud awareness and adoption continues to grow, as more enterprises take advantage of the benefits that come with multiple cloud platforms. In fact, in a recent Voice of the Enterprise (VotE): Cloud Hosting and Managed Services study, conducted by 451 Research, 90% of respondents indicated they have some type of cloud services in place and several are already using multi cloud environments. Closer to home in the Middle East, research by MarketsandMarkets predicts that the cloud market in the region will triple to $2.4 billion by 2020, driven in large part by adoption of multi cloud.

But on the flip side, we’re seeing an increase in cloud related security incidents. According to research from the October 2018 McAfee Cloud Adoption and Risk report, the average organization generates over 3.2 billion events per month in the cloud, of which 3,217 are anomalous, and 31.3 are actual threat events. This is cause for alarm …

Avoid analysis paralysis: Use Data to Enable Decision-Making and Growth

By: Hesham El Komy, regional vice president, Middle East, Africa & India (MEAI), Epicor Software

There are vast amounts of data being created, mined and managed every day—and, according to an executive summary by Cisco, global IP traffic will experience an almost threefold increase over the next five years. With broadband speeds set to double by 2021, and more data being shared, than ever before, the amount of information that now sits at our fingertips is exploding.

Today, data is accumulated from a wide variety of sources, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage this growing wealth of information—which includes details related to financial transactions, inventory and production processes—let alone use it.

Digitalisation also means that workers now face a daily tsunami of emails. In 2018, around 124.5 billion business emails were sent and received worldwide each day—with the average office employee receiving over 121 pieces of digital correspondence daily. Projections …

Need it now? Introducing Swiggy Stores

By: Sriharsha Majety

Over the last four years, we’ve often been asked- why the name “Swiggy”? Well, the story here is that we wanted something fun, vibrant and young. A name which could be remembered and recalled easily. Fortunately for us, we came across a word that encapsulated all that and a lot more.


‘As real and amazing as can be. Something that is swiggy is unbelievably legit and real and awesome’

Starting off in 2014, we envisioned a world where restaurant delivery would be amazing and awesome. A world where you didn't have merely a handful of restaurants that would deliver. A world without high minimum order amounts, and very importantly, where you didn't need to call the restaurant every 5 minutes asking the dreaded “ladka nikal gaya kya” question. We envisioned a world where we could democratize 35-minute deliveries to every restaurant in the country and introduce a convenient and delightful food ordering experience for every consumer.

Four years and hundreds of…

Virtusa collaborates with NASSCOM to host a HR forum at their Hyderabad ATC

Virtusa Corporation, a provider of digital strategy, digital engineering, and IT outsourcing services, that accelerates business outcomes for its clients, organized an HR forum in collaboration with NASSCOM at its Hyderabad facility to discuss the evolution of Human Resource in the digital age and its impact on business.

The event was aligned to the theme ‘The Shift Towards Digital HR’, which strives to re-shuffle the way Human Resource Management functions by sharing in-depth insights on the latest digital technologies that are disrupting and impacting the HR landscape globally.

The session saw senior HR leadership from Virtusa and HR practitioners from the industry come together along with eminent delegates to share insights on the new-age digital capabilities in the HR space. The session provided an exclusive opportunity for all the attendees to connect and understand each other’s perspectives.

Falabella Group and ThoughtWorks to accelerate Latin America’s leading integrated retail brand

Falabella Corporate Services India partners with ThoughtWorks India, a software consultancy to fast track the ecommerce platform of the Falabella Group. The strategic partnership will give Falabella competitive advantages of customized, scalable and a secure platform that will integrate with its existing systems.

In line with the Group’s aspirations of being a formidable digital commerce player in the countries it serves – Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico, Falabella Corporate Services India will drive data driven and personalized customer shopping experience through ThoughtWorks digital platform strategy. This transformative journey will champion rapid experimentation, adoption of innovation and leverage principles of agile software development, design thinking, data analytics, product thinking, elastic infrastructure and evolutionary architecture – this digital platform architecture will be core to the Group’s vision.

Ashish Grover, Head eCommerce for Fal…

SaaS DNS Security: Are you Protected?

By: Kanaiya Vasani, Executive Vice President, Products and Corporate Development at Infoblox

Are Software as a Service (SaaS) security solutions truly the panacea they are publicized to be? The answer is, it depends on how the SaaS solution is architected.

A majority of SaaS-only security solutions are “overlay” solutions that simply provide an additional layer of security on top of an enterprise’s existing network and security infrastructure. These overlay solutions are easy for the vendor to develop, but difficult for the customer to combine with other existing security solutions and derive value from. In contrast, a hybrid approach to security is one that tightly integrates SaaS solutions with an enterprise’s existing IT infrastructure and leverages SaaS capabilities to seamlessly extend and scale on-premise solution performance. With a hybrid solution, the vendor does the heavy lifting of seamless integration with existing infrastructure, thus providing a unified solution, which un…

MAIT launches a “Make in India for the World” Laptop at the Electronics Manufacturing Summit 2019

MAIT concluded the Electronics Manufacturing Summit 2019 in New Delhi with the launch of the product catalog of Coconics, a new Laptop manufacturer who will design and manufacture “Made in India” products, in the presence of Shri Ajay Prakash Sawhney – Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & IT. The event was conducted in different sessions with the focus on the theme of “Make in India for the World” where the representatives from the government and industry deliberated on promoting Indian brands.

The laptop is being launched by Coconics which is a new public-private company setup in Kerala by UST Global, KELTRON, KSIDC and Acceleron Labs. The development of the product was guided and supported by Intel. It is a benchmark achieved in the ‘Make in India’ campaign. MAIT has always been working towards collaborating with the industry and the government to build visibility for Indian manufacturing industry in the global landscape and encourage policies that facilitate the ‘Make in India…

The Rise of Subscription Based Economy

With the rise in technology in India, the spread of digitization on all levels has seen the fastest growth in recent years. The rise of the Internet in the last decade has brought about a new form of business that has revolutionized the way in which companies operate today. Everything has now been digitalized right from ordering food to booking flights.

Over the years, content consumption across the globe has been seen drifting towards digital formats.

With content ranging from specific information to entertainment only a touch away, accessibility has become a problem of the past. With such a drastic shift in direction, the importance of ease in product use has increased in value. This also means that consumption is no longer limited by geography and has made content and services available across the globe. Convenience and product customization has become key.

This has given rise to players in the OTT space such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, etc. that challenge the traditiona…

itel Empowers Consumers with the Magic of Technology!

Explore the Magic of technology in your smartphones at the best ever prices! Well, yes. itel launches yet another path breaking campaign – ‘Ab Har Haath Mein Jaadu’ for its discerning customers as it completes 3 successful years in India. Aiming to connect with the mass market consumers and enhancing their smartphone experiences by democratizing technology, itel’s new brand campaign creates an aura for all its customers.

For brands, being tuned into people’s aspiration matters and this is what itel has been constantly striving to achieve since its launch in India. With this continuous and conscious effort, itel is aiming towards fuelling the aspiration of the masses thereby, empowering them with a life filled with magic. A life where one is able to connect with the loved ones, communication is not confined to a language, one is able to capture the happy moments of his life without any inhibitions and people come together as one big and happy family. This is itel’s life of magic!

“To C…

Six gadgets under ₹ 6000 to gift your loved one this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and is a occasion to treat the ones you love and surprise them with thoughtful gestures. However, if you want something smarter than the usual cliché gifts, here are some interesting tech gadgets that make for an ideal gift for your partner.

Costing under ₹ 6000, these gifts are light on the pocket and will remind your partner of you every day:

All-new Echo Dot: Give your loved one the gift of having every question answered with a simple voice command. The All-new Echo Dot will help them play music, ask questions, get the news briefing, check the weather, set alarms, manage household chores, control smart home devices, and more. Your partner would surely enjoy the music experience while streaming songs from Amazon Prime Music, TuneIn, Savaan, Hungama and others through the speaker, thanks to its richer and deeper sound. Priced at ₹4,499 the All-new Echo Dot is available on and will definitely make your dear one smile from ear to ear.

Kindle E-reader: If your be…

Konica Minolta India launches Colour Multifunction Printer (MFP) – bizhub 759/C659

Konica Minolta Business Solutions has announced the launch of its latest innovative offering, the bizhub C759/C659. A colour multifunction printer (MFP) equipped with state-of-the-art features and functionality, the bizhub C759/C659 has been designed to deliver best-in-class performance with its remarkable colour print quality and high print speed of upto 75 pages per minute.

The bizhub C759/C659 comes equipped with an improved 10.1 inch electrostatic multi-touch operation panel to enable better operability and security. It has a large capacity, high-speed automatic document feeder (speed-240 ipm).The bizhub C759/C659 also cuts down the start-up time by up to 13.5 seconds as compared to the previous model, while its FCOT (first copy output time) value of <4.9 seconds is better than any other office printing solution in its class.

C759/C659 offers ease of use through its info palette design for seamless MFP operation from PCs, tablets and smartphones for a consistent user experience…

Huddle looking to onboard B2B Startups in Bombay!

Huddle, one of the leading sector agnostic incubators based out of Gurugram with a rich mentor and network across the country, has collaborated with The Mosaic Coworking space in Mumbai, inviting B2B startups to apply for a 6-month structured incubation program where they are providing each startup with a dedicated mentor and free space in the renowned Mosaic coworking lab, along with opportunities to raise investment through the course of the program.

The opportunity is available to startups based in Mumbai that have a minimum viable product (MVP) in place and are focused with B2B products/solutions. The applications for the program are now open until February 8th, 2019.

Startups will be shortlisted by the mentor and internal team at Huddle, to begin the incubation from February 15th, 2019.

Each startup will be provided with tailor-made advisory, through dedicated mentorship, and access to a vast network to provide a growth to their existing venture.Selected startups will also be pro…

Cryptominers Hit 10x More Orgs than Ransomware in 2018, but Only 1 in 5 IT Pros Are Aware of Infections: Study

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.has published the second instalment of its 2019 Security Report.  It highlights how the tools and services used to commit cyber-crime have become democratized, with advanced attack methods now available to anyone willing to pay for them, as part of the growing ‘malware-as-a-service’ industry.

The second instalment of the 2019 Security Report reveals the key cyber-attack trends observed by Check Point researchers during 2018, and shows the significant growth in stealthy, complex attacks designed to stay below the radar of enterprise security teams.  It also shows the types of cyberattacks which enterprise IT and security teams rate as the biggest threats to their organizations. Highlights include:
Cryptominers digging undetected on networks:  cryptominers infected 10x more organizations than ransomware in 2018, but only one in five IT security professionals were aware their company’s networks had been infected by mining malware.  37% of …