Packers and Movers start-up ShiftKarado to improve the customer experience with its AI-powered Mobile App

The Gurugram-based packing and moving start-up ShiftKarado has recently announced that it will soon be launching the updated version of its app which will be powered by cutting-edge AI in the coming few months. The app is being redesigned with the purpose to enhance the customer experience at ShiftKarado using the latest technological advances, including Artificial Intelligence, GPS and Barcode technology handing customers a complete control over the planning and execution of their relocation moves.

Using the newer version of ShiftKarado app, the customers will be able to track the status from packing till delivery of their consignmentusing GPS technology. Not only will it maintain transparency between ShiftKarado and its customers, but also bring efficiency throughout the relocation process. 

Currently, the customers need to login to the app and select the items they want to move from the pre-defined list such as furniture, desktops, refrigerators, or AC. But, in the new version, the customers will be able to simply click the picture of the item to be shipped, and the app will instantly calculate the charges, date of delivery, distance, and route planning, volume of goods and other details in real-time generating the quote within a fraction of minutes saving the customers a lot of time and hassle. 
Talking about this updated app version, Sahil Mithal, the Co-founder, ShiftKarado said, “As technological innovation lies at the core of ShiftKarado, we are committed to improving customer satisfaction and experience. As our app is quite popular among prospective customers, we had to further make it more useful and intuitive for them. Moreover, this customer-centric approach will also help us improve the efficiency of our business.”

As ShiftKarado is a tech-oriented relocation services provider of repute in India, it will continue to make its mark in the industry with the upgraded version of its app.