Avast and Wind Tre Join Forces to Provide Parental Control Apps to Families in Italy

Avast announced the market launch of the new WIND FAMILY PROTECT application in Italy. Avast and Wind Tre, a top Italian mobile operator and among the main operators in the fixed-line market, partnered to create a simple and effective app that helps parents manage their children’s access to the internet and keeps track of their whereabouts.

“Our partnership with Wind Tre is the latest example of how we work with carriers to help them provide valuable offerings to subscribers - in this case, families in particular,” said Gagan Singh, SVP and Chief Product Officer of Consumer at Avast. “Mobile devices are a great way for children to learn and be entertained but as they provide the door to the digital world, this can give rise to online and real-world risks. Children can be exposed to unsuitable content, visit inappropriate sites or spend too much time online on their devices. Avast and Wind Tre collaborated to develop features that address the key usage and concerns of their customers, so parents can use the application to manage their children’s access to the internet, ensuring they are accessing appropriate content at appropriate times. Additionally, the ability to check their child’s location through saved safe places, such as school and the homes of family or friends, at any time gives parents peace of mind.”

The application allows parents to block and filter unwanted content, remotely suspend browsing activity and monitor the position of their children through movement alerts. A single account protects up to ten devices. WIND FAMILY PROTECT is the first application of a series of services Avast and Wind Tre are collaborating on.

“When it comes to security, nothing should be left to chance. WIND FAMILY PROTECT is the best mix between communication and security and reinforces Wind's positioning as a brand even closer to Italian families, able to meet the real needs of parents who are looking for their children's first telecoms products, while keeping them safe from Internet risks,” said Tommaso Vitali, B2C Marketing Director of Wind Tre. “We chose Avast as a partner due to their strong technology and track record of collaborating with carriers in other regions around the world.”

Avast partners globally with a number of carriers, including all major mobile carriers in the United States, to provide and implement safety solutions such as Avast Controls and Insights and Avast Locator.

WIND FAMILY PROTECT is available for families with children in Italy. The application is included with the Wind’s new ‘All Inclusive Junior’ package, available for 6.99€/month, as well as the ‘Wind Family Member Junior’ package, costing 4.99€/month. Wind customers can also add the application to their mobile offer for 1€/month.