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Symantec's Cyber Security Predictions: 2019 and Beyond

In anticipating the major cyber security and privacy trends for the coming year, you can find plenty of clues in the events of the past 12 months. Among the now familiar forms of attack, cyber hacks of major corporate systems and websites continued in 2018 and will inevitably be part of the 2019 cyber security scene. Many well-known organizations around the world suffered significant breaches this year. The single largest potential data leak, affecting marketing and data aggregation firm Exactis, involved the exposure of a database that contained nearly 340 million personal information records.

Beyond all-too-common corporate attacks, 2018 saw accelerated threat activity across a diverse range of targets and victims. In the social networking realm, Facebook estimated that hackers stole user information from nearly 30 million people. A growing assortment of nation-states used cyber probes and attacks to access everything from corporate secrets to sensitive government and infrastructur…

Palo Alto Networks Integrates RedLock and VM-Series With Amazon Web Services Security Hub

Palo Alto Networks announced the integration of RedLock and VM-Series for AWS Security Hub, a new security service from Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Palo Alto Networks helps organizations confidently move their applications and data to AWS with inline, API-based and host-based protection technologies that work together to minimize risk of data loss and business disruption. Building on native AWS security capabilities, these protection technologies integrate into the cloud application development lifecycle, making cloud security frictionless for development, security and compliance teams.
AWS Security Hub is designed to provide users with a comprehensive view of their high-priority security alerts and compliance status by aggregating, organizing and prioritizing alerts, or findings, from multiple AWS services, such as Amazon GuardDuty™, Amazon Inspector, and Amazon Macie™ as well as from other APN security offerings. The findings are then visually summarized on integrated dashboards with…

Nutanix Xi IoT Brings Intelligence to the Edge

Nutanix, Inc. announced the general availability of Xi IoT, a new edge computing service offered as part of the company’s Xi Cloud Services. Combining the simplified elegance of core Nutanix solutions with a streamlined approach, Xi IoT eliminates complexity, accelerates the speed of deployment and elevates developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services.

In 2017, 3 billion enterprise IoT edge devices generated up to 30 times more data (256 ZB) than the 30+ million nodes across public and private cloud data centers. But the current IoT model in which the massive amounts of data on edge devices is sent back to a centralized cloud for processing has severely limited the ability of customers to make real-time, actionable decisions from intelligence gained at the edge. For customers, deriving value from this massive amount of data is rife with latency issues, lack of scalability, lack of autonomy, and compliance and privacy issues.
Unlike traditional IoT …

IBM and IIT Delhi collaborate to advance AI research in India

IBM and IIT Delhi announced that the university will join the AI Horizons Network as part of a multi-year research collaboration on artificial intelligence (AI). The aim is to discover novel AI techniques which can help organizations take informed decisions by being able to logically reason with their AI systems.  AI solutions will be trained to comprehend complex questions using natural language techniques and derive new insights using domain knowledge.
Today, an AI system is not trained to explain its decision making process.  IBM researchers will partner with students and professors from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi to address this issue and conduct joint research to inculcate in AI systems some key traits like reasoning, comprehension and inferencing. For example, a procurement analyst may not be able to decide the right price for a commodity based on the recommendations shared by a trained AI assistant without knowing why it made those suggestio…

Is the PUBG fever starting a new reign of gaming in India?

When we talk about socializing the first thing that comes in our mind are the social media platforms. Till now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc were places where people connected and bonded. However, this is changing. There is a segment that is evolving every day and working around building platforms that not only help you to entertain yourself but at the same time reach out to new people and grow your friend circle. Remember, how we find people to make a group and play games like DOTA-2 and CS: GO? Well, we still enjoy playing these games in groups but now we have broadened our horizons. 
With the evolution of technology and gaming company's hunger for inventing unique gaming features, the gaming community is fed with games that are historic in its own way. For instance, in 2016 the gaming industry was revolutionized by a game that was an all-time favorite cartoon show in the 2000s and incorporated the real-time location of the user to enhance the gaming experience ca…

Santander Group's 100 percent digital bank now powered by AWS cloud

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company, announced that Open Bank, S.A. ("Openbank"), a subsidiary of Santander Group, runs on the world’s leading cloud for the most reliable infrastructure and the ability to innovate quickly and more frequently on behalf of its 1.3 million customers in Spain. The digital bank runs production workloads on AWS, including its website, mobile application, and core banking system. Openbank plans to expand internationally using AWS’s global infrastructure to increase redundancy and fault tolerance by replicating key systems across geographic regions.

Openbank chose AWS for its operational expertise, breadth of functionality, commitment to security, and understanding of the financial services industry, enabling the bank to innovate its business in the cloud. Openbank worked with AWS to migrate its mission-critical data lake from on-premises to a cloud-based architecture. The data lake now uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S…

Vinay Kumar Katyal takes charge as Director of BEL’s Bangalore Complex

Vinay Kumar Katyal has assumed charge as Director of the Bangalore Complex of Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) with effect from November 27, 2018. He was GM (Military Communication)/BEL-Bangalore before his elevation.
Mr Vinay Kumar Katyal joined BEL at its Panchkula Unit in June 1985 as Deputy Engineer after completing his B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) from IIT-BHU, Varanasi. He was involved in the project execution of the new Unit of BEL being raised at Panchkula, Haryana.
During his stint at Panchkula Unit, he established automated production facilities for STARS-V Tx/Rx for Army. He worked as Project Manager for the development of CNR-AFV, the first-of-its-kind Frequency Hopping Tank Radio made in India. He also facilitated the development of the radio set Bharati, MSK Demodulator, encryption products SMILE & SEED and Cell Phone Jammers.
Vinay Kumar Katyal moved to the Military Communication (Milcom) Strategic Business Unit (SBU) at BEL’s Bangalore …

Dineout Acquires Torqus, a Restaurant Focussed Cloud based Point of Sale (PoS) system

Dineout announced the acquisition of Pune-based Torqus, a leading SaaS based restaurant management software provider, further strengthening its position as a full stack technology service provider in the online restaurant-booking space.
The acquisition of Torqus, will further enhance Dineout’s bouquet of services to the restaurant industry and along with inResto, a one-stop CRM platform for Recognising, Personalising and Re-engaging Diners, will provide an end-to-end tech solution for the Restaurant industry as a whole covering a wide range of use cases.
Announcing the acquisition of Torqus, Mr. Ankit Mehrotra,Co-Founder & Business Head, Dineout said: “The food industry is thriving with innovations and we are excited to announce the acquisition of Torqus thus effectively making Dineout a full-stack technology service provider to the restaurant Industry. While most of the innovations have been taking place in the aggregation and delivery space, Dineout and Torqus, combined, will en…

India witnesses the world debut of Miko 2, the most advanced personal robot for children

With a vision to empower a child's development and aid modern-day parents, Indian consumer electronics start-up emotix, unveiled its latest offering, Miko 2, a personal robot for children at a curtain raiser in Mumbai today. Several distinguished dignitaries graced the occaasion including well known names like famous celebrity, author and proud mom Mrs. Soha Ali Khan, veteran child psychologist Prof. Dr. Mona Gajre, IITB Professor Emeritus Dr. C. Amarnath; also marked by virtual presence of Nasscomm President Debjani Ghosh.
The cute robot aims to help modern parents in early education and development of children by engaging the child in “playful learning”. The robot can initiate and hold long conversations with kids, imparting knowledge based on academic curriculum and general facts about the world. Say "Hey Miko" to the robot and it starts a conversation on it's own in a loveable emotive voice unique to it. The system has been further powered by a proprietary emotio…

Smartphone Customer Experience Variance in India Significantly Higher Than Global Benchmarks

Broadband India Forum (BIF) along with Phimetrics (a leading independent telecom audit and analytics company) released a first-of-its-kind study that tested the operational variances of smartphones across the premium, mid-range and low-priced categories across multiple markets including India. The report shows a variance of +/- 27% range for data and +/- 0.5% range for voice for India – suggesting a serious implication for overall customer service.
The testing was done under similar network conditions to highlight these operational variances and these were then compared to similar variances in global markets.  The variance in operations in India across all phones was in the region of +/- 27% while the global benchmark for such operational variance is seen to be in the region of only +/- 10%. The significantly higher difference in Indian smartphones highlights that the models in India differ significantly from global peers. Smartphone variance was measured across 4 key operational par…

Seagate Launches New Data-Readiness Index

The global datasphere1 could grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025, and industries such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Media and Entertainment are helping to define this new era of data growth. This is according to an IDC White Paper The Digitization of the World – From Edge to Core, sponsored by global data and storage leader Seagate Technology, which examines impending shifts to the global data model. While Healthcare currently has the smallest share of the global enterprise datasphere among key industries examined in the study, it is primed to grow the fastest, far surpassing the Media and Entertainment sector and matching the Financial Services sector by 2025. The growth reflects advancements in healthcare analytics and imaging technology, as well as the increasing amount of real-time data created in medical care.
The study, The Digitization of the World – From Edge to Core, assesses data-readiness of the four critical industries that encompass nearly half of the …

Trend Micro secures Motilal Oswal’s vast IT infrastructure

Trend Micro Incorporated provides comprehensive protection to Motilal Oswal’s endpoints, network, and servers via one unified platform. The cybersecurity solutions securing Motilal Oswal include Trend Micro Apex One for endpoints, Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector for network, and Trend Micro Deep Security with anti-malware and intrusion prevention modules for servers.

Motilal Oswal is one of India’s leading financial services companies. With more than 2,200 branches in 500 Indian cities serving more than ten million customers, Motilal Oswal needed solutions that could provide comprehensive security without further complicating its IT environment.

The company first deployed Trend Micro’s Apex One endpoint security suite; then expanded the deal to include security solutions for its network and servers. Trend Micro Apex One protects the endpoints from unwanted and unknown applications. Trend Micro Deep Security provides emergency virtual patching to safeguard the servers from zero-d…

Reliance Jio Launches India’s First VOLTE International Roaming

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. (Jio) announced launch of VOLTE based inbound International roaming between India and Japan. With this Jio has become India’s first 4G mobile operator to provide VoLTE based international roaming services in India whereby international roamers will be enjoying HD voice and LTE high speed Data.
Japan-based KDDI Corporation is the first international mobile service provider to avail of Jio’s VoLTE calling and LTE data international roaming service which provides international travellers with access to high-speed data and voice services on Jio’s all-IP, 4G-exclusive network.
“Reliance Jio is focused on delivering the best data and voice experience to all of India and those who visit India. We welcome KDDI customers to Jio as the first international VoLTE and HD roaming users in India,” said Mark Yarkosky, Reliance Jio.
With this new arrangement, international travellers will be able to experience Jio’s world-class all-IP network, which has been consistently ra…

iCubesWire opens R&D center in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

iCubesWire has announced the amplification of business. They have inaugurated a research & development center in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Headquartered in Gurgaon, iCubesWire has branch offices in Mumbai, Bangalore & London. This will be the fifth office of the organization.

The office in Jodhpur will be an extended arm of the organization which currently has 100+ employees across geographies. The team will comprise of major departments and verticals carrying out assigned responsibilities which will prove beneficial for other branches as well. The horizontal growth of the organization will certainly escalate the scope of employment in the nearby regions.

Speaking on the commencement, Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, says, “An R&D center in Jodhpur looks promising as it will delve into the untapped market in terms of business development & manpower. We are eager to explore the competence and proficiency of the prospective employees that will impart freshness to o…

Bask Iyer joins FSS as Independent Director

FSS, a payments technology company, announced the appointment of Bask Iyer as an Independent Director, effective from October 19, 2018. 
A respected industry veteran, he brings more than 25 years of experience in driving change at Fortune 100 companies. Iyer is currently the CIO of Silicon Valley-based technology leader - VMware. He joined VMware in March 2015 and now leads its global information and technology group, that manages the company’s critical worldwide business systems. In August 2018, Iyer took on the additional responsibility of General Manager - Edge/IoT at Dell. 
Iyer has held CIO and other senior leadership positions in Dell, Juniper Networks, Honeywell and GlaxoSmithKline. Iyer is also on the board of an interesting portfolio of companies.
Iyer holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Annamalai University (India) and a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology (USA).
Speaking about this recent development, Nagaraj My…

Daiwa strengthens its portfolio of AI powered 4K Ultra HD Quantum Luminit Smart Led TV with 43inch ‘D43QUHD-N53’, priced for Rs.26,990/-

Daiwa committed to bring the latest technology to India at budgeted prices, expands its Quantum Luminit Smart TV Portfolio with its newest 109cm(43nches) ‘Quantum Luminit Smart LED TV - ‘D43QUHD-N53’ that offers strong picture quality, great audio and a mostly excellent Smart TV Experience.

The Quantum Luminit 4K LED Smart TV exhibits a sense of sleek sophistication, with metal on the frame design. Featuring a screen resolution of 3840x2160 the Daiwa 4K HDR Technology is embedded with A+ Grade Panel & contrast ratio of 500000:1, that shows more clearer and smoother picture with more real-life details.
Powered by HDRX, the TV brings dramatic contrast and extended color range, that ensures visuals are displayed as its meant to be. Fused with wide colour gamut NTSC 95% that enhances the reds, Greens and Blues, bringing the users more life of an impact on-screen than the resolution increase.
The Built-in 20W Soundbar audio technology, brings theatre like sound effect at home. Power-d…

iBall introduces latest entry-level Tablet PC - ‘iBall Slide Skye 03’

iBall announces new Tablet PC ‘iBall Slide Skye 03’.  With the newest Slide, it’s show time wherever you are! Feed your appetite for entertainment with big screen and this Tablet PC has set sky as its limit with the features it offers, despite being affordably priced.
Extremely high on style and features, iBall Slide Skye 03 leaves users spellbound with its sleek and attractive design balanced with the bold finish. Sporting the big 7-inch screen with Full Capacitive Multi-Touch HD display and a screen resolution of 1024x600, experience true to life visuals.
With the latest Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition) on a Quad Core Processor, the iBall Slide Skye 03 brings immense computing power for work and play. Adding further multitasking experience for Terrific Performance, with its 1 GB RAM and 8 GB built-in memory, expandable up to 64 GB via MicroSD Card, it allows users to store as much as they want.
Equipped with 2.0 MP Rear Camera with LED Flash and 0.3 MP Front Camera, capture memorable m…

Acer brings to you “Night of the Predator”, the gaming carnival in India

Acer brings to you the most extravagant and fun filled evening of the year, the “Night of the Predator”, one the biggest gaming and youth carnival in India to be held in Mumbai on November 24th 2018. The event will witness India’s first ever mega PC PUBG tournament and DOTA2 India finale as part of the Acer Predator League 2019 with an overall prize pool of USD 400000 for the APAC Grand Finale.
The Predator Gaming League saw over 1400 players and 361 teams playing over 160 hours of PUBG and DOTA2 PC game qualifiers to reach the India finale. DOTA2 also saw café qualifiers across multiple cities all battling to get the coveted spot in the finals.

Night of the Predator will be staged on a larger than life on-ground set-up which will host some of India’s top DJs like ZAEDEN, LOST STORIES, PROGRESSIVE BROTHERS and GREFF along with Fantastic Street dancing, and amazing COSPLAY.

Supported by SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur Campus, Chennai and Flipkart the Night of t…

BEL pays Rs. 64.41 Cr Final Dividend to Govt

Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) has paid a total dividend of 200% to the Government of India for FY 2017-18.

Mr M V Gowtama, Chairman & Managing Director, BEL, presented the 40% Final Dividend cheque for Rs. 64,41,62,053.20/- (Rupees Sixty-four crores Forty-one lakhs Sixty-two thousand Fifty-three and paise Twenty only), for the year 2017-18, payable on the shares held by the President of India and Government nominee, to the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri, Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, at New Delhi today, November 15, 2018. The Interim Dividend of 160% (on face value of Re. 1 per equity share) was paid to the Government of India in February 2018.

Photo caption: Mr M V Gowtama, CMD, BEL, presenting the 40% Final Dividend cheque for Rs. 64,41,62,053.20/- (Rupees Sixty-four crores Forty-one lakhs Sixty-two thousand Fifty-three and paise Twenty only) for the year 2017-18, payable on the shares held by the President of India and Government nominee, to the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri, Mrs …

‘Automated Data Science’ to offer a competitive edge to enterprises

By: Srinivasan Rengarajan, VP & Global Head - Data Science and Analytics, 3i Infotech

According to a recent Indian jobs study, data science is one of the topmost and fastest growing field in India and its relevance is increasing in almost every sector. Reports from NASSCOM suggests that India’s data industry would reach $16 billion by 2025 from the present level of $2 billion. At the core of it, data science is the science of examining raw data and applying statistical techniques for the purpose of drawing business related conclusions and predicting business outcomes. In every organization, there are opportunities to implement data science and transform the way business is carried out.

Leading analysts like Gartner and Forrester have quoted 2018 as a milestone year for organizations, with over 70% of them expected to leverage data science for Business Optimization.  It is one of the most talked about topics in the CxO community.

In today’s era, all small and large corporates are s…

Hermes digitally enhances parcel delivery experience with IMImobile

Global cloud communications software and solutions provider IMImobile PLC, has been chosen by Hermes for the implementation of its new parcel notifications strategy as part of the company’s ‘Digital Futures’ programme. Hermes will be using IMImobile’s enterprise cloud communications platform, IMIconnect, to power millions of delivery notifications each month on behalf of their retail customers.

IMIconnect enables customer experience automation for millions of deliveries that are processed every year by Hermes. Customer journeys built in IMIconnect currently include returns management; geo fencing, which provides customers with the ability to track their driver as well as ‘SafePlace’ photo. This provides consumers with the added confidence that their parcel has arrived even if they are not at home.

Chris Ashworth, Chief Information Officer of Hermes, commented, “IMImobile has been instrumental in helping to deliver our ‘Digital Futures’ programme that prioritises customer experience t…

Six new-age tech startups on-boarded in the second cohort of Lodha Group’s Palava Accelerator

Established in November 2017 by Lodha Group in partnership with Zone Startups India, Palava Accelerator has on-boarded six startups for its second cohort from application pool of 80 startups. These include Faclon Labs Pvt Ltd, Calamus, Edge Canvas, Tilt, Russsh and One Wallet.

Since the launch, the accelerator program has mentored 8 startups at various stages, of which 3 were able to convert Lodha as clients, one of them being UtopiaTech. The startups are from varied technology domains such as CleanTech, Governance, Ed-tech, Fintech to name a few etc. The second cohort of the Palava Accelerator comprises startups providing new-age tech & digital solutions such as electric bikes, bike sharing platform for e-cycles & e-scooters, asset automation solution for water, AI based learning management system, mobile-based same-day delivery service, and web applications for city vendors.

Startups accepted into the Palava Accelerator program receive support and services including co-work…

Infosys Science Foundation Announces Winners of the 10th Infosys Prize

Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) celebrates its 10-year milestone and announces the winners of the Infosys Prize 2018 in six categories - Engineering and Computer Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences. The Prize, given annually, celebrates the success of the recipients in science and research by recognizing their achievements in each category. It carries a pure gold medal, a citation and a prize purse, the amount for which has been increased to USD 100,000 (or its equivalent in Rupees) this year, tax free in the hands of winners in India.
Infosys Prize laureates have achieved prestigious milestones in their domains, and the ISF believes that this year’s winners will continue to raise the bar for science and research over the next decade. By recognizing these outstanding researchers and celebrating their achievements, the Infosys Prize aims to inspire young minds to explore science as a career option and advance innovation in…