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Latest Version of Red Hat Ansible Engine Enables New Cloud, Network, and Windows Automation

Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6, the latest release of its simple, powerful, and agentless open source IT automation solution. Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6 adds new content for automating across hybrid and multicloud environments, along with simplified connections to network APIs and updates for Ansible deployments overseeing Windows environments.

When Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6 combines with Red Hat Ansible Tower, Red Hat’s centralized control plane for managing and optimizing automated systems at enterprise scale, organizations can more easily extend automation across complex footprints. This includes hybrid and multicloud environments as well as diverse infrastructure, network, and application deployments.

The new features available in Ansible Engine are aimed at enabling users to more rapidly expand their infrastructure, without expanding manpower. Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6 focuses on three key areas of automation:


Customer Experience Pyramid Drives Loyalty, Satisfaction and Advocacy

Eighty one percent of customer experience (CX) leaders report they will compete mostly or entirely on CX, but less than half have established the rationale for why CX drives business outcomes, according to Gartner, Inc. The goal of CX is to meet and exceed customer expectations, but while 48 percent say their CX efforts exceed management’s expectations, just 22 percent of CX leaders report their CX efforts exceed customers’ expectations.

To address this challenge, Gartner unveiled the CX Pyramid, a new methodology to test organizations’ customer journeys and forge more powerful experiences that deliver greater customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

“The fact that so many organizations understand the importance of CX to the brand, but are unable to deliver outcomes that meet or exceed customer expectations is indicative of the growing need for fresh approaches to delivering more positive outcomes for customers,” said  Augie Ray, research director at Gartner. “Leading brands in CX start w…

Data privacy and protection - India is moving in the right direction: PwC-ASSOCHAM report

While India has taken constructive steps in moving closer to a state of data protection regime, it has to address data privacy and protection concerns promptly by formulating a law to benefit from the rise and spread of the data economy. Due to lack of comprehensive privacy regulation, Indian businesses are still beginners in data governance. On the other hand, developed economies where mature data privacy and protection laws exist are now undergoing revisions to align their regulations to the challenges and threats of the 21st century, highlights the whitepaper ‘Privacy in the data economy’ launched today by PwC India and ASSOCHAM. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Siddharth Vishwanath, Leader – Cyber Advisory at PwC India, said, “The spread of digital ecosystem in India where e-wallets, ride-sharing services, ecommerce, online entertainment services and social media are thriving is the direct result of digital disruption. But the absence of data privacy and protection law could lead cons…

Six Barriers to Becoming a Digital Business

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, they are finding that digital business is not as simple as buying the latest technology — it requires significant changes to culture and systems. A recent Gartner, Inc. survey found that only a small number of organizations have been able to successfully scale their digital initiatives beyond the experimentation and piloting stages.
"The reality is that digital business demands different skills, working practices, organizational models and even cultures," said Marcus Blosch, research vice president at Gartner. "To change an organization designed for a structured, ordered, process-oriented world to one designed for ecosystems, adaptation, learning and experimentation is hard. Some organizations will navigate that change, and others that can't change will become outdated and be replaced."
Gartner has identified six barriers that CIOs must overcome to transform their organization into a digital business…

Amazon launches Alexa Cast with Amazon Music

Amazon announced the launch of an exciting new feature, Alexa Cast with Amazon Music – a new way for customers to enjoy the music they love on Alexa-enabled devices. This feature allows Amazon Prime Music India listeners to play music and/or control music playback on their Alexa-enabled devices from the Amazon Prime Music app on iOS and Android devices. Now customers can easily  transition the playlist from their app to Alexa-enabled devices for a continuous, uninterrupted music listening experience.   
Sahas Malhotra, Director, Amazon Prime Music India said, “Alexa Cast is set to make the music streaming experience for Prime members even simpler with its integration in Amazon Prime Music app and Alexa-enabled devices. We want to make sure our customers enjoy an uninterrupted music streaming wherever they go – from listening to music while driving your car or on your commute to entering your home, we want to make sure there’s no break in your listening experience. With a magical comb…

YES Bank & iCubesWire launch AI enabled digital innovation

In an industry first in the BFSI sector, YES Bank has opted for iCubesWire’s AI enabled solution, Instatalk, which provides an accurate platform for the customers to interact instantly with the brand and seamlessly suits their requirements. 
Organizations in today’s times are exploring the digital parameters and YES Bank is the latest addition to the list. With the rising neck to neck competition in the BFSI sector, it is paramount to keep up with the pace and innovate better means to impart customer experience. This is when Instatalk becomes the ideal fit in the swift digital world. Through this campaign, YES Bank aims to enhance the user engagement and curtails the long process for queries revolving around savings accounts. Instatalk fosters information to the customer within a few seconds and is a progressive move in the digital domain.
Speaking on the same, Mr. Rajat Mehta, Country Head, YES Bank, says, “As a new-age, technology enabled bank, we are always exploring new opportuni…

Swedish firm Otivr paves way for innovation in disruptive technologies in India

Swedish technology firm Otivr has renewed its focus on the Indian SME market with support from Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India, in the field of innovation in disruptive technologies. The company provides a strong business platform in the Nordic for Indian IT SMEs to capture with diverse technology and IT offerings. According to Forrester IT spending forecast, the Nordic countries, especially Sweden, along with Ireland and the UK will see the best growth on the continent at over 5%. Otivr aims to capture a significant portion of the increased market for IT spends with its specialised service offerings.
Otivr is helping transform the IT outsourcing business by providing a gateway to Europe and Nordics for Indian SMEs as they have a strong foothold in European and Nordics region. Today over 10,000 professionals are offering strategic IT services through Otivr and the company has boosted their supplier base to over 150 high-quality SMEs, offering project solutions and dedicated reso…

Patcham Limited Selects Epicor ERP to Improve Operations and Grow Business

Epicor Software Corporation has announced that Patcham Limited, a leading United Arab Emirates (UAE) manufacturer of specialty additives, has chosen the global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Epicor ERP to serve as a catalyst for business growth.
In addition to automating processes and implementing best-practice and process improvements across departments, Epicor ERP will support business expansion for Patcham. Replacing a legacy, home-grown, modular ERP solution with Epicor ERP will allow Patcham to avoid duplication of data and improve data integrity, accuracy, and real-time access by breaking down information silos between departments. This, coupled with the rich reporting features available in Epicor ERP, will enable Patcham employees across departments to make better day-to-day decisions—be it on customer pricing, inventory and production staffing levels, or capital expenditures—that directly impact the bottom line.
Commenting on the decision to select Epicor ERP, Pa…

PTC Advances Global Transition to Subscription Business Model

PTC announced a milestone in its global transition to a subscription business model. Effective January 1, 2019, new software licenses for PTC’s core solutions and ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation Platform will be available only by subscription globally, including in the following previously omitted countries: China, India, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, and Turkey. Customers will be able to continue to use their existing perpetual licenses and renew support on active perpetual licenses under PTC’s support policies.
“Subscription licensing has quickly become the new industry standard, and the accelerated adoption we have already seen throughout the world shows that our customers have embraced this change. As a result, we will continue to expand subscription licensing to all remaining countries in early 2019,” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC. “The ability to license enterprise software by subscription aligns with industry best practices and delivers the value and flexibility custom…

Broadband India Forum Takes Giant Step Forward for 5G Implementation

Working closely with the Government of India as part of the 5G High Level Forum, BIF today announced that it has formed a first of its kind ‘5G Committee’, to champion the roll-out of 5G trials with key industry players and translate the 5G linked policy objectives into on-ground reality and business friendly implementation.
The 5G Committee aims to help execute the Mission of the Government HL Forum on 5G and champion large-scale trials across verticals. This 5G Committee also aims to drive a comprehensive approach to spectrum, infrastructure policies, industry investment, and government support necessary to make India a front-runner in 5G deployment and use.
The BIF 5G Committee achieved a big breakthrough in the meeting yesterday when the First Response Public Safety Network was proposed as the first trial case. The emphasis of this trial will be on ensuring an environment where public safety is primary. The committee also zeroed down on the two other industry verticals - Internet…

Next generation Nokia 3 comes to India

HMD Global continues to rapidly renew its portfolio of Nokia Android smartphones by today launching Nokia 3.1 in India. Offering access to the latest Google services, such as the Google Assistant, the smartphone continues to deliver a pure, secure and up-to-date Android experience with Android One, combined with the premium craftsmanship and design expected from a Nokia smartphone and the performance to match. Nokia 3.1 goes on sale starting July 21st across India and will be available across top mobile retailers and online on Paytm Mall and
Ajey Mehta, Vice President and Country Head – India, HMD Global, says: “India is one of our top markets and Indian consumers, a top priority for us. We work to constantly enhance the experience on our phones to better suit the everyday needs of our consumers. Every single detail on a Nokia smartphone is designed with consumers in mind, which is why we are delighted to introduce a further refined Nokia 3.1 smartphone that delivers…

Service Consistency and Customer Empowerment will Give Telco Service Providers in the Middle East an Edge over Competition

By: Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director, MENA at A10 Networks
For service providers, consistency is imperative. Experience an outage? Service can’t scale to meet demand? Suffer a cyber attack? These events can severely harm the reputation and business of a telecom service provider.
As an industry, we have the tendency to get caught up in the speeds and feeds. How fast is a service delivered? How much data can we cram in a pipe at a single time? What are the packets per second?
And while fast is good, consistent is better. Think of it this way: it’s better to have a slower connection that is available 99.999 percent of the time than it is to have an ultra-fast connection available just 50 percent of the time.
Consistency wins. And in the always-on, digital, connected world, consistency is the norm and therefore goes unnoticed. It’s inconsistency that gets the headlines.
But how do you employ a set of consistent services? Here are four steps to service consistency:
Start internally: E…

BEL signs MoU with Saab, Sweden

Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Saab, Sweden, recently for jointly marketing the L-Band 3D Air Surveillance Radar, RAWL-03, co-developed by BEL and Saab.
BEL has joined hands with Saab, Sweden and USA, to market the Long Range Air Surveillance Radar, a cost-effective L Band three dimensional (3D) radar, for early detection and tracking of air and surface targets, thereby enabling engagement of fire control systems to neutralise the same. RAWL-03 will be offered in both ship-borne and land-based configurations. The system is based on the state-of-the-art GaN TR Module technology and incorporates the latest Signal Processing techniques.
Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions in military defence and civil security. Saab has operations and employees in all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves n…

Raritan’s KVM over IP makes Smart Manufacturing smarter in India

Raritan — a brand of Legrand, and a leading provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions, sees KVM over IP range add significant value to the large scale manufacturing sector as manufacturing automation takes off in India and other global markets.

The Indian manufacturing industry will undergo a significant digital transformation and automation; the segment becoming a software-driven business. As part of its vision highlighted in Industry 4.0, companies in various sectors will increasingly focus on real-time dashboards showcasing the operational status of manufacturing subsystems. The KVM over IP products allow a single point remote access to all manufacturing equipments thereby allowing for centralized management and efficient production process and improve competitiveness. The use of remote monitoring and management softwares in manufacturing automation has yielded significant gains in productivity, reliability and efficiency.

The KVM-over-IP…

Wireless Networks: Big Benefits for Small Businesses in the Middle East

By: Osama AlHaj-Issa, Regional Channel Director, Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
Very few SMB owners have a fully functioning IT department. But they are still expected to provide modern and engaging experiences for their customers, using the latest technology. And the network is where it all begins.
But how many non-IT people know the first thing about how to set up and secure a network? It’s time we addressed the demands of the smaller business, and made network management simple.
Recent studies suggest that 66 percent of small to medium businesses (SMB) consider the use of the cloud, applications and mobile devices to be a strategic priority. They recognise that they stand a good chance of improving their customer experience by making such investments. But it’s down to us, the technology providers, to make that investment as easy as possible.
A truly robust network requires you to manage filtering for a million websites, create i…

Top 5 Ways That DevSecOps Isn’t Like Sport

By: Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, Red Hat
There’s the World Cup, cricket, baseball, rugby, Wimbledon - more sport around at the moment than you can shake a stick (or bat, racket or croquet mallet) at. I love watching various sports - an activity at which I excel, unlike my attempts to play most of them - and I was wondering the other day about ways in which sport is like the software world, and more specifically, like that useful and popular process of DevOps. And it dawned on me that if there’s one thing which isn’t like sport, then it’s DevSecOps (the philosophy of integrating security practices within the DevOps process). Let me give you some examples.
1. You can’t blame the goalkeeper Sorry to start with a very specific example, but it’s one that is close to my heart: mainly because when we picked football teams at school, I was often the last one to be chosen, and ended up as goalkeeper, everybody’s least favoured position. When the ball whipped or just rolled past me in…

Voice - The Next UI

Co-authored by Ms. Aparna Pallavi, Head Digital Banking, 3i Infotech; Mr. Sanjay Pathak, Head Healthcare and Insurance Solutions, 3i Infotech; Mr. Meghashyam Simha, Head – Mobility & Automation, 3i Infotech
Voice technology is gaining mainstream acceptance thanks to the new voice based devices from the leading companies like Amazon, Google. Simultaneously Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more efficient in identifying user intents. Many industries are experimenting with the devices and AI powered abstraction layers to identify areas that they exploit to deliver superior customer experience.
According to Google, 20% of the searches are already by voice and they expect this to increase to 50% by 2020. Quantum leap in voice accuracy is another trend that is seen by the technology analysts over the last couple of years. The fast adoption of the voice activated devices is helping industries on a faster learning curve for the devices and accuracy. From the users perspective, at …