Google’s first ever summer camp concludes in Delhi and it turned out to be a spectacular experience

After thousands of submissions poured in over the last one month, top winners of Google’s educational campaign -- #SummerWithGoogle, made it to the much awaited summer camp, that was held at Google’s Gurgaon campus today.

Having successfully completed four assignments, that encouraged kids and their parents, to explore a new country on Google Earth, learn phrases in a new language on Google Translate, explore museums from around the world on Google Arts & Culture; take a shot at building their very own app using Scratch; and decode the fundamental codes to being responsible explorers of the web, the winners got to experience a fun filled and unique day at Google.

While there was much anticipation among kids on what could be expected at the summer camp, they were elated to get an immersive experience of the technology and culture at Google, including -- AI & VR with activities designed using Daydream, Cardboard, and Tilt Brush, a customized tech-powered Rock, Paper, Scissor workshop to experiment art & machine learning with famous artist and YouTube Kids Creator, Rob (Harun Robert), followed by a visit to the Virtual Reality room. Their parents/ guardians went through a separate workshop, which was aimed at educating them on ‘how to keep their kids safe online’.

Commenting on the occasion, Sunita Mohanty, Director, Trust and Safety, Google India said: “Children are being exposed to technology much earlier than ever before, and we believe that these foundational years are the best time to start nurturing their inquisitiveness and curiosity in the right direction. With our #SummerWithGoogle campaign, we wanted to teach kids on how to be Internet Awesome through an engaging and fun way and therefore designed it to have both real world projects and a virtual learning experience. We are overwhelmed with the participation from kids and the support we have received from parents in making this happen and are hopeful to bring a bigger and better summer experience next year.”