R&M Introduces Self-Contained Micro-Data Centre for Telecom Providers in Middle East

R&M launched its Telco Edge micro data centre in the Middle East. With a reduced physical footprint and significantly lower power consumption than traditional data centres, R&M’s new self-contained solution is ideal for rapid deployment at the network edge, placing services closer to customers and thus enabling telecom providers to improve application performance across the entire expanse of their networks.

R&M has been playing a lead role in Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments across the region, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. “With ambitious programs to deliver country-wide high-speed connectivity in both nations, there is growing need for innovative solutions that can deliver higher quality internet services while avoiding the significant capital expenses associated with traditional data centres. Edge data centres can be quickly deployed to support the new demand driven by IoT and the cloud, without compromising availability and operational efficiency,” explained Manzoor Ali, Managing Director of R&M Saudi, Bahrain and Yemen.

R&M's Telco Edge is a self-contained micro data centre with built-in cooling, UPS and integrated fibre-optic cabling, as well as automated tracking and documentation of network cabling and IT assets. It is 99.9% noise insulated, prefabricated in the factory, and delivered in one piece - making it perfect for the edge location. As a result, customers can reduce latency and quickly add capacity while providing a secure and easy-to-manage data centre environment.

“Central offices of telecom companies are the ideal space for data centres at the edge,” said Dr. Thomas Wellinger, Market Manager Data Centre R&M. “Through this new offering, R&M is addressing the latency, processing speed and asset tracking challenges telecom customers are facing as a result of the growth of connected devices. So, we made simplifying the edge deployment the first thing on our minds.”

R&M also launched its new MPO-QR fibre optic connector. The MPO-QR connector follows the same concept as R&M’s LC-QR and can be locked and unlocked via the boot so that connectors and adapters can be packed more closely together. It can be operated via the rear and the user no longer needs to directly grasp the front of the connector, as is the case with conventional MTP connectors. In this way, the MPO-QR provides a packing density of up to 1,440 fibres (or 120 ports) per rack unit.