Unocoin announces Maker Bonus offer; will incentivize all limit orders in BITCOINS

Unocoin, India’s leading Crypto-assets and Blockchain Company rolled out its latest “Maker Bonus” offer. As part of the offer, Makers on the platform, bringing liquidity to the order book, will be rewarded with 0.3% of the trade value – in BITCOIN! Hence, not only will the Makers benefit from no transaction fees at the exchange, they will also get additional bitcoins, with the profits swelling over the time, with the continuous reign and popularity of Bitcoin.

With the latest offer, Unocoin aims to incentivize posting orders, hence facilitating trading in crypto-assets. Besides, this is for the first time that an exchange has turned the tables in the favour of Makers, rewarding them with potentially long-term benefits.

Commenting on the latest roll-out, Abhinand K.N, Co-founder and CMO, Unocoin said, “We are excited to announce the latest offer, meant at incentivizing the makers on the platform. With the roll-out, we intend to celebrate Indians investing in crypto-assets, providing benefits to the Makers, bringing liquidity on our exchange. Furthermore, these are not cash-based incentives, and instead will reflect as additional Bitcoins in their wallet. Owing to the same, the Makers on the platform will be able to potentially reap long-term benefits. We look forward to an affirmative response from Indian users that are increasingly warming up to building their digital assets.”

The bonus offer is applicable only for the limit orders, as against the market order. Makers on the platform, including both buyers and sellers will receive bitcoin rebates. A seller placing an offer above the current bestbuyer or a buyer placing a bid below the current bestseller would be eligible for the offer, receiving additional bitcoins directly in their Unocoin wallet.