Postman Announces Key Collaboration Feature for API Development

Postman, API Development Environment, announced the release of Postman 6.0, which includes the introduction of Workspaces, a new construct to enhance collaboration on connected software.

Postman Workspaces is a development resource that significantly changes and improves organization and collaboration within the Postman API dev environment. Developers can better organize their API work — and speed up and improve the development process — by gathering the appropriate team members and API resources within a targeted Workspace.

Postman’s Workspaces are defined as either Personal (for use by an individual developer) or Team (for a defined team of developers). For an individual API developer or developer team using Postman, Workspaces makes it even easier to organize API development work, enhance collaboration on APIs, and save valuable developer time.

"Tools that support API development are a key factor for successful API usage," said David Intersimone of Evans Data Corporation. "Evans Data's Developer Program survey report found that formalized programs have become a necessity for companies wishing to have their APIs adopted, and access to developer tools is one of the top four reasons why developers join, and stay, in a developer program."

All Postman users have access to Personal workspaces immediately. Free Postman users without a Postman account have one default Personal workspace; free users with a Postman account can create as many Personal workspaces as they wish. Customers of Postman’s paid plans, Postman Pro and Postman Enterprise, can also create an unlimited number of Personal workspaces. In addition, they can create an unlimited number of Team workspaces for collaboration with other customers.

“We are thrilled to announce Workspaces, which we believe is a critical collaboration component within Postman,” said Abhinav Asthana, CEO and co-founder of Postman. “This latest feature serves our mission of becoming the developer platform for an API-first world.”

This newest release caps a year of significant product innovation and user adoption for Postman. The company’s growth has exploded over the past year; Postman closed 2017 with nearly five million installed instances deployed at more than 100,000 companies worldwide. Postman’s ubiquity among the developer community is a key element to its success with API publishers who are looking to onboard developers.

The company is further ensuring the success of that growing customer base with investments in customer service technology and staff. In addition, the company has created a new position of VP, Customer Success, and announced the hiring of Sanjeev Sisodiya to fill the role. Sisodiya brings the combination of a strong technical background and a passion for customer success to the position and commented, “The Postman community has grown entirely organically over the past year, and we want to build on that. I’m looking forward to establishing a world-class customer success function.”