Roposo comes forward to celebrate Child Rights Week

Roposo - an Indian social network - will observe November 21-27 as Child Rights Week to spread awareness and help protect the rights of children in India. The platform will run #RoposoForChildRights campaign to encourage its users to speak up and draw attention to the significant issue of violation of children’s rights in India, and the factors that impede their well-being.

Globally, Child Rights Day is celebrated on the 20th of November every year after the United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959. This declaration promotes basic human rights for children and issues related to children. Using their channel ‘Nation Speaks’, Roposo plans to create awareness on what are the various rights of a child and users are encouraged to share their experiences in the form of videos or photographs capturing clear violation of child rights in their nearby areas. Users can also share their own experiences on how they helped a child hence motivating other users to do the same. The platform also plans to reach out to people in its community like bloggers, celebrities, power users and college students to support the cause for children.

Commenting on the campaign, Mayank Bhagadia, CEO and Co-Founder, Roposo, said, “Our country has had a long and often shameful history of child rights violations, including rampant cases of child abuse, child marriage and child labour. While the situation has remained stagnant for so long, the present generation has a progressive mindset and is armed with the right set of tools to express their strong condemnation of this social evil. Through the digital medium, it is also important to build awareness amongst children and help them respond effectively to abusers and violators. Through our campaign dedicated towards this issue for the entire week, we aim to sensitise our users about child rights and make the laws well known to them in order to eradicate the social evils against children.”

Roposo has emerged as India’s favourite platform that represents the plurality and free-spirit of the country as its users are creators as well as consumers of its content. Through this campaign, Roposo strives to further unite Indians on this extremely sensitive issue. With its new channel ‘Nation Speaks’, Roposo aims to drive a social change that is empowered by the people of India for the long-term benefit of its future generations.